10 Components of a Healthy diet: Healthy living

What do you consider healthy living? What are some components of a healthy life?

Eating raw vegetables, fresh fruits, and living in the forest having livestock that gives fresh milk and eggs daily? YES? Or eating all ‘organic and sugar-free food’ and avoiding all sorts of fats and punishing your body while eating 60% less food than that required. YES?  Because that’s what most people do. But let me tell you that this is not healthy living.

Do you think that there is a certain way to a healthy lifestyle? Do you think that doing keto diet only or doing yoga or zumba can make a person healthy? Now come along and get your thoughts straight. All these count as a part of healthy living, but doing it alone can cause serious health issues to your body. So what are some components of a healthy life you must wonder again?

Here’s what you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy:

Avoid processed and canned/ packaged/ frozen food

Processed foods are very harmful to the human body, because they contain additives, sodium, high fructose sweeteners, artificial food colors and most importantly monosodium glutamate MSG. Let it be nuggets or frozen vegetables or the cereal, which you consume every morning. Also, it is a great contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, plastic waste, etc.

Consume greens more often

There is no doubt that greens can do wonders for your body. Just eating one serving of vegetables or mixing vegetables/salad per meal is enough for beginners. You can also try to replace your lunch with a bowl of mixed fruits and vegetables. But make sure they are not canned or frozen vegetables!! Consuming vegetables, raw or cooked, can decrease the risk of heart strokes, cancer, early death, etc.

Whole grains instead of refined grains

Whole grains help the digestive system and metabolism due to their fibrous qualities, the richness of protein and antioxidants. It also helps lessen the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. For those who think the whole grains are not flavorful, there are different recipes on the internet you can look up to in order to add flavor.

Bring out the dairy lover inside you

Who doesn’t want stronger bones especially to avoid old age problems? Start consuming more of that cheese, yogurt (make sure it’s not that processed low-fat yogurt), chicken and honey milk to have better sleep at night and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, body pains and fractures.

Start your day with a healthy diet

Do you also consume tea or coffee with biscuits right after getting up in the morning? If yes then you need to change your habit, because it can ruin your health and mess with your blood sugar levels and has long-term effects. You can have them replaced with nuts, seeds or better fruits and yogurt.  Also, don’t eat right before sleeping as this disrupts sleeping as well as your digestive system.

Avoid sugary foods (I know it’s very difficult)

Who doesn’t love cakes, cola, and chocolates? And who doesn’t know their side effects?  Still while consuming them we altogether forget and enjoy it to its fullest.  Now, how can you avoid these? You can’t just cut it out of your life, but you can lessen its consumption bit by bit.

Make sure to take enough calories and fuel your body

Avoiding all that sugar and fats doesn’t mean you cut off all those necessary calories for your body to run smoothly. Take a handful of nuts, a little bit of that cake and or that pizza your colleague has ordered on your promotion. 

Regular exercise is the best exercise

Although many people find it a bit hard to keep up with, taking out 5 to 7 minutes of your entire day can cause you no harm. These days there are so many different kinds of exercises like Zumba, yoga, and aerobics or you can simply jog or run.

Take less stress

Stress can be the main cause of heart diseases, high blood pressure, anxiety as well as digestive problems. Meditation and deep breathing can help lower stress. A healthy body has a healthy mind.

Replace short car rides with walking or cycling

Be a responsible citizen and take part in reducing pollution. Keep your lungs and heart fit and healthy by replacing short car rides with a walk or cycling. Now if someone asks you what are the components of a healthy diet? Don’t forget to mention each one of the pointers discussed above.

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  1. I am 71. I used to walk for miles each week and was in great shape. Then my back pain began slowly putting an end to the walking and bending and twisting and everything else one does when exercising. Now, after 5 surgeries including rods, screws and fusions, and gaining over 70 lbs., I am so totally frustrated and discouraged because it’s SO hard to explain it to someone, INCLUDING DOCTORS. Two weeks ago I found out I have stage 3 CKD! Of course I have Diabetes, too (I’m the only person in my whole family with it). SO – how do I exercise enough NOW to help keep the CKD from progressing? I’m researching the diet and reading up on CKD but the damage has already been done. Can someone please help me with advice (and DR. ADVICE like maybe a good one; I live near Tulsa, OK). I figure I should still have 20 years left and I’d sure like to enjoy living them.
    Thank you for any help you can give. Sincerely, Bev Gartner


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