5 Great Foods to Add in Your Protein Shakes

Protein shakes have become every gym freak’s favorite these days. As delicious as they look, they’re great for building muscle and strength. The best thing is, these lactose-free protein shakes for weight loss are super easy to make.

After working out for 45-60 minutes in the gym you’d want to reward your body. Or maybe you’re unable to work up an appetite after waking up and want a light but delicious breakfast? Protein shakes are the answer.

However, having the same old smoothie can get boring and unappetizing.

Looking for a way to switch it up? You’re going to have to get creative to enhance the taste of smoothies. Add one of these 5 foods to your protein shakes and we’re sure your smoothies will never be boring again.

1. Peanut Butter with Banana

This is a classic and a go-to for all the busy bees. Whip up yourself the perfect smoothie in minutes throwing in 1 or maybe 2 bananas (depending on the type of gain you’re trying to make) and a spoonful of peanut butter in the blender first thing after your morning workout. The nutty flavor blended with banana is just what you’d want to have every time (and in case you get bored, there are 4 more options).

It’s easy, simple, and yet a favorite. We advise you to add a few coffee beans while you’re at it too if you want a wake-up call, that’s our secret tip!

2. Berrylicious

Nothing is better than berries to detox and get a lean body. Plus, they taste great too. Luckily, they do pretty well in a protein shake and can give you that extra dose of nutrients your body would want after an intense workout.

There are so many natural ingredients for weight loss and berries are one of them. Berries are one of the most popular foods to add in lactose-free protein shakes for weight loss, and they’re great for the skin too.

Frozen or fresh berries both work pretty well, and pairing with a banana would further add flavor and sweetness without any added sugar or honey. They’re low in calories too, so you shamelessly can munch on them while preparing the shake, without worrying about the scale.

3. Spinach

Remember when your mother would forcefully feed you green vegetables? That’s about to change today because this spinach smoothie is almost addictive.

Can greens ever be bad for you? The only answer is NO. Never.

So, how can you incorporate some greens in your protein shake?

It’s actually pretty easy, and we assure you, you’ll finally love having spinach once you make this protein shake.

Yep, you read it right. Spinach in your protein shake can taste pretty great while at the same time give your body the nutrients it needs so badly after being drained of energy.

It’ll make you feel awake, more active, and energized for the rest of the day. You don’t even need to add fruits to get a good flavor, just spinach with some nuts can do wonders and become your favorite breakfast meal.

Heard of Vitamin K? That’s what 1 cup of spinach will charge your body with in addition to vitamin C and A as well.

4. Greek Yoghurt for the win

Want to know the secret to getting thicker consistency of protein shake? This is it.

Greek yoghurts are the in-est thing in the smoothie world. You don’t have to go running to a supermarket to buy this either, just use the plain old yoghurt and turn it into Greek yoghurt.

All you have to do is strain it overnight in a cheese cloth till when it reaches the consistency you like. This will give your body an extra dose of protein along with the protein powder. Your body will thank you for this, especially if you’re looking to make some serious gains. Greek yoghurt is also loaded with probiotics, which aids your digestive system. What more could you need from a smoothie?

5. Avocado

Once you start making your protein shakes with avocados in it, you’ll never want to stop, that’s a guarantee.

Avocado is a superfood and can add some creaminess to your protein shakes. Just like berries, they’re great for your skin as well as they have anti-aging properties.

For a glowing skin and a stronger body, start adding some avocados to your protein shakes.

The Takeaway

Give any of these a try and if you’re not hooked, you’re probably making them wrong. These lactose-free protein shakes for weight loss are going to help you achieve your goal much sooner than you imagined, without ever having to starve.

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