Things all the handbag lovers obsessed with Chanel purses should know

If like me you are someone who always has more room for new purses in their closet, then surely you would want to add only the finest to your collection. And when talking about the finest quality handbags or purses, Chanel is surely drool-worthy. And when it comes to purses – some specific colors always grab your attention like red Chanel purses that would help you flaunt your style on your prom night.

You barely know a woman who doesn’t wish for having a Chanel bag. That’s because the Chanel bags are here for ages and never go out of style.  

Indeed the classic Chanel bag is among the most prominent fashion accessories. Along with its popularity, much misinformation and confusion have also been spread about the details, origins, and differences. For all the handbag lovers who are thinking of getting their very own Chanel bag, here are some interesting facts that you should look at while making an expensive move.

How to spot the difference between original and fake Chanel purse

To spot the difference between a fake and original – you must look closely at the leather of the Chanel purses. The original Chanel handbags are either made from caviar or lambskin leather. Most of the time the difference between original and fake bags can be spotted from the texture of the bags.

What should be the quality of the Chanel bag

Every time you hold a Chanel leather purse in your hand, it provides you a supple feeling – this is because of the lambskin leather that gives the butterfly smoothness to your handbag. Similarly, caviar leather gives your bag a fizzy or foamy feel.  Specifically, when a purse doesn’t match any of the said aesthetics, then you probably are dealing with the forged or counterfeit product.

Stitching difference in the Chanel bag

All premium featured Chanel handbags contain a high-quality stitch count which should be ten stitches in one inch – of course, to enhance the quality and durability of the product. If the purse that you have picked has less than ten stitches per inch or more than the specified count  – then you might be looking at the counterfeit.

However, it is one of the rare spotted things that anyone would barely give it a second to ponder – but the replica manufacturers mostly lower the number of stitches in an inch to slice the cost per piece.

Quilting alteration in real and fake handbags

The original Chanel purse manifests high-quality properly arranged quilted blocks– whether it’s the flap, the signature buckle, the leather, or whatever. If the authenticity of the Chanel handbag is in question, then you must observe the quilted blocks on your handbag. If they are misaligned or you discover additional quilting problems- then you must drop the bag at once.

Structural compatibility between the real and fake product

Authentic Chanel purse stands straight as it has a proper base to stand. Fake Chanel purse wouldn’t stand and stumble every time you put them on a flat surface. Due to the rounded corners and also poor quality of the leather in the fake Chanel bags, they get damaged easily when they are exposed to wet areas and humid weather.

Hardware authenticity in original Chanel purse

The hardware fastening will tell you exactly what you should expect from your handbag. The classic red Chanel purses have that 2.55 quilted flap from last year featuring the iconic Chanel designer handbag looks with the double interlocking C at the middle as its logo. If the bag is really the original piece, then the space between both Cs will be the same as demonstrated.

Furthermore, the edges of the hardware should be accurately flat and smooth, which represent the location where the handbag was manufactured.

Real Chanel bag double C lock difference

Inside the real Chanel bag, you must see the brand name Chanel and the manufacturer’s country on the right. The lock should also be attached with the screws fitted parallel to the corner of the flap – the flap with the screws popping out with the unparalleled logo and brand name misplacements is undoubtedly showing inauthenticity.

That’s not all as there are a lot more signs indicating the unreliability of handbags.

Looking for a telltale sign – go for the zippers

Inspect the zippers of your Chanel bag and ensure that the zipper lies under the genuine types that every Chanel purse has. Some of the high-quality zippers that Chanel purses have, include Meta-teeth Lampo Zipper, a leather pull EP Zipper, zipper with three C’s, the éclair, DMC, no mark zipper, and the YKK zipper often found on the vintage Chanel bags.

Leather and chain straps difference in real and fake Chanel bags

The difference of straps between the leather and chain straps is evident enough in most of the cases. You can easily find the difference between an original Chanel purse and a fake purse just by observing the straps. Chanel purses are popular due to the durability and lasting quality. That is why you get all the spotlightin your big events when you hold any Chanel purse that matches exactly with your glamour. What makes them different? Let’s find out more.

Gold chain for Chanel’s purses

Gold chain and leather woven straps of Chanel purses are considered to be the main indicator of their authenticity. The chain of the Chanel purse is made of 24-carat gold and is in rich sparkling yellow – making the chain heavy as you hold it.

However, the fake ones do not use pure 24-carat gold and appeared to be pale in colors and hence feel wonky and lightweight. This is why appearance matters a lot.

Interior and exterior tell you the truth for a real Chanel purse

To see the authenticity of the Chanel purse, look at the straps – they should have neat and smooth stitching in the proper lining. The counterfeit version must reflect the bumpy and crooked lines with the utmost appearance of unreliability that shadows not only the exterior of the purse but questions the interior as well.

For giving away the thoughts of buying a fake product, peek through every side of the purse that may be telling you its story. Maybe just opening the flap of the purse will unveil the secrets.

Lining and fitting

A clear indication of the non-original Chanel purse is the fitting and lining inside the purse – which should be sewn tightly giving a smooth finished look. And then again, when you look inside the fake one – you see lumps in the lining, and probably the lining isn’t adequate enough. The quality itself will tell you when the purse was made.

Serial sticker inside the purse

When the Chanel purse is made authentically, there’s a white serial sticker attached inside at the bottom-left corner. Where the sticker should indicate six to seven or sometimes eight number code that shows when the product has been manufactured.

If the number at the serial sticker shows more than eight numbers or the purse doesn’t get a sticker inside, then the purse definitely is a fake one.

Authenticity can be judged by the authenticity card

When you get the original Chanel purse from a well-known and authorized store you will get an authenticity card along with your Chanel purse. The authenticity card is made exactly like the credit card plated with gold edges and has a thick body featuring aligned text.

If you haven’t got any authenticity card or the color of your card reflects a multicolored holographic effect, has misaligned text, and has a thin body then you should validate the authenticity before buying such an expensive forged product.

And who knows whether it has the inner stamping?

Inner flap stamping

Every Chanel purse has a logo of interlocking C at the inner side of the flap. The quilting is done using the gold stamping that must be accurately 1.5 cm below this quilting and have to exactly 3.3 cm in width. There should also be a stamp indicating the place where it’s manufactured at bottom of the body or exactly below the interlocking logo. Otherwise, the product is a replica.

Chanel dust bag

The final and last indication that telltale the authenticity of the Chanel bag is the dust bag. These bags come in different varieties – these dust bags are high in quality i.e. same as the Chanel purse itself. A major flag can be raised when your bag doesn’t come in the dust bag or the dust bag you get with your Chanel bag is not of good quality or looks cheap.

Often it becomes more obvious to spot the difference between the replica and original product. Always focus on the mentioned details when you opt to have a Chanel purse at your favorite store. And one you follow how to get the real one – I suggest to get a red Chanel purse or a black or a white as these three colours will go with most of your dresses.

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