Amazon Alternatives: 6 Sustainable Marketplaces to Shop

Amazon is the leading e-commerce platform in the world today. You can order anything you want from Amazon, and you will get it delivered right at your doorstep. That’s what the customer convenience is all about. Amazon has the most loyal customer base. And the organization has come a long way to where it stands today.  

One of the best advantages you have is that online shopping saves you a lot of time, which otherwise, you would have wasted roaming about in the markets in your vicinity.

But, there are people who are not satisfied with their shopping experience on Amazon. One of the major concerns they have relates to higher prices of the products available on the marketplace.

According to the article published in Business Insider, products available at Amazon relatively cost 34% higher than the cost of the same product available at any other online store.

This is could be the main reason why people are searching for Amazon alternatives to buy their required products, under a budget.

In this article, we have enlisted some amazon alternatives where you can find more products with better prices.

Amazon alternatives – Quick links

  1. Ocelot Market
  2. Made Trade
  3. etee
  4. Etsy
  5. EarthHero
  6. Ten Thousand Villages

Ocelot Market:

Ocelot Market is where you can find unique, traditional ornaments, shoes, clothing, jewelry, and many other products. This marketplace also supports small businesses, independent artists, and entrepreneurs. It is one of the best alternatives to Amazon due to its sustainable product selection strategy for all its customers.  

Made Trade

After visiting Made Trade, you will definitely want to try it out as it seems to be a good Amazon alternative. This marketplace offers a variety of products, including accessories, kitchenware, shoes, clothing, curtains, etc. at reasonable prices.


While contributing to the plastic-free environment, etee is committed to producing non-plastic goods. You will love the variety and packaging of the products available on this marketplace, making it one of the most sought-after amazon alternative for online shopping geeks.  


Etsy is home to more than 2.5 million product sellers. You can find almost everything under Etsy’s umbrella. The interior design products and handmade goods, eco-friendly gifts, and carbon offset shipping facility, make it the best amazon alternative for you.


EarthHero offers products from 150 brands. It makes eco-friendly shopping so easy. With a wide variety of sustainable products available you can always find time to order your desired product from this e-commerce platform. It is one of the best Amazon alternatives, you can trust.

Ten Thousand Villages

At Ten Thousand Villages, you can buy different accessories, furniture, kitchen supplies, and other products that are in common use.  As the name suggests, you have ten thousand reasons to prefer this particular marketplace instead of Amazon.

We hope that you will find time to explore these Amazon alternatives mentioned in this article. There are many e-commerce platforms that claim to be the best Amazon alternatives. But we have included only the 6 marketplaces that offer eco-friendly products.

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