5 Best Low Calorie Cocktails that you will love to have in your happy hour

The season of celebrations is upon us. You surely don’t want to put down your glass of cocktail and why should you?

No! we are not telling you to sneak down your cocktail, but you should look at some of the best low-calorie cocktails that you can prepare in quick time. It’s time to enjoy your party.

How Alcohol is unhealthy?

The high-calorie value isn’t the only reason for which you should avoid alcohol. Not only does cocktail consumption increase your calorie count, but you can also actually feel an eminent craving for food when you drink alcohol. This happens because alcohol can lower your blood sugar levels and as a result, you feel hungry.

One serving of wine, alcohol, or beer provides up to 100 calories. But what really promotes the calorie count is the number of ad ups from sugary drinks like sodas and cranberry juices that increase the calorie content of a glass of cocktail. The biggies that should be avoided when making or ordering mixed drinks include:

  • Pre-made drinks like margarita, Pina Coladas, and daiquiris
  • Fruit juices
  • Salt
  • Flavored syrup and sugar
  • Canned fruits like Maraschino cherries

How to make Low Calorie Drinks with Alcohol?

If you want to go light on calories while continuing with your favorite alcohol, try a few of these tips to get the desired taste.

  • Add some sparkle: use sparkling water or a clear tonic to add fizz and make your drink tasty
  • Try Frozen yogurt: use some frozen berries and add up some colors to your drink
  • Go big on taste: add spice to your drink if you’re not a fan of fruits. The taste of ginger or mint can give your drink a sharp taste. Try rosemary or basil, it soothes your taste buds
  • Keep your servings standard: a standard serving of a drink is 12 ounces, liquor 1.5, and wine 5 ounces

It’s time to check out some recipes for healthier and low-calorie cocktails.

Fresh Lime Juice & Tequila

Calorie Count = 126

If you want to have a low-calorie cocktail, grab a Mexican-inspired cocktail (Tequila or Paloma) with half squeezed fresh lime (that’s already a low-calorie option). Lime juice blends well with tequila. One serving of this juice provides you with 126 calories. 

Lemon & Vodka Soda

Calorie count = 96

Cofounder of Culina Health, Vanessa Rissetto, a registered dietitian claims that it might be easy to drink more than three glasses (standard size) of wine, but if you try fresh lemon and vodka you will sip slower and eventually drink less.

Since, alcohol consumption dehydrates you, consuming soda water instead is a good option. It keeps you hydrated, without affecting your calorie count.

Mojito without Syrup

Calorie count = 168

Mojito can easily slide up your calories by providing 168 calories. But leaving out the sweet syrup, will provide you with 128 calories. That’s an acceptable count, if you want to have a low-calorie cocktail. You can get less than 100 calories if you make the drink with light rum and mint.

To make the best low-calorie cocktail add soda water, a ton of mint, and squeeze a fresh lime to enhance the flavor.

Light Bloody Mary

Calorie count 200<>400

Light Bloody Mary is another option you can have as your low-calorie cocktail. It’s tasty and healthy. A single serving of this cocktail provides you with 200-400 calories.

Mix some tomato juice with one ounce of Vodka and add a dash of Tabasco or Worcestershire sauce. The sauce neutralizes sodium and enhances the flavor at the same time. You can also add small slices or cubes of tomatoes to get a rich taste.


Calorie count = 120

A glass of rosé can be one of the coolest low-calorie drinks that you can have. You should consume it without sugar to get the maximum benefits. Do remember to keep the quantity of alcohol low, if you want to have a low-calorie cocktail.

Next time when you prepare your best low-calorie cocktail, do remember not to add sweet or artificial flavors that may end up making you overweight. Try these healthier drinks and enjoy your celebration.

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