Best Online Stores to Shop for Orthopedic Shoes

If you suffer from foot problems, there are many reasons to choose an orthopaedic shoe. If patients experience any sort of leg, back or foot discomfort that becomes worse while they are on their feet, many podiatrists and physical therapists prescribe specialty shoes for problem feet.

.A visit to an orthopaedic shoe shop provides you with a wider range of choices than you have at a conventional shoe store. Their associates will use a Brannock instrument to obtain each foot’s four different measurements to assess your feet’ characteristics. The Brannock gadget determines the length of the foot, arch, and toes, in addition to measuring the length of the ankle. You will be able to select from a larger variety of shoes once you’ve been measured.

Orthopedic shoes may be purchased online if you can’t visit a retail location to get a proper fit. This quartet of e-retailers makes it very simple to discover specialty shoes for problem feet.


Offering free delivery and free exchanges and returns is something they are quite confident in with regards to their online services. You may explore shoes that are suited for various situations and terrains. Your needs from neuropathy to bunions are well-catered at Orthofeet. Additionally, they have very wide-style choices and provide vegan leather alternatives.

The “Ortho-Cushion” proprietary technology found on Orthofeet’s shoes is designed to make every pair of shoes feel comfortable and look fashionable. The Ortho-Cushion is a moulded insole with anatomical arch support, making it a great product for people using orthotics. Gel padding is further placed beneath the heel, and high-quality air cushioning is included in the sporty sole.

The price for slippers starts at $79.95 and goes up to $135 for boots. Like a well-designed orthopaedic shoe, most of Orthofeet’s shoes include dress shoes, sneakers, and pumps that cost between $129 and $135. The store exclusively carries its own stock, so you should know that this isn’t the right location to look for a different brand.


In order to provide consumers with a comprehensive collection of specialty shoes for problem feet, including socks, splints, braces, insoles, and orthotic shoes, the OrthoticShop refers to itself as a one-stop-shop. A wide range of brand-name goods, including Spenco insoles, Aetrex Shoes, Softwalk, and Orthofeet, are all available at OrthoticShop.

You may shop by brand or style while you’re just browsing. If you know what you’re looking for, this may help you save time by not having to do research before making your purchase. Their website has many choices, but it’s not as polished as other eCommerce websites nowadays, so you need to be patient while trying to navigate it.

One of the unique selling points of the OrthoticShop is their wide range of styles, but the OrthoticShop sets themselves apart from their competitors by providing orthotic socks, splints, and braces, too. In addition to this, you may get medical equipment such as a cold treatment system to assist with injuries of a mild kind.

On average, the items offered on the OrthoticShop website are lower-priced orthotics. The truth is, they sell shoes for $29.50 or less. There’s also a clearance section where you can get the newest discounted goods.


HappyFeet provides many orthotic options that are created to make life simpler for individuals with various problems relating to their backs, legs and feet. They have their own products and items from Orthofeet are also stocked at the store.

Additional information on several problems, like impaired circulation and plantar fasciitis calluses, is available online. They provide product suggestions at the conclusion of each instructive article. It’s perfect for novices and thus a fantastic choice.

They also offer several types of shoes, from athletic to golf, that are helpful for those who participate in exercise and sports often.

Massaging Insoles, which may improve circulation and relieve pain and aches in the knees, hips, and back, are one of their most popular items. For $44.99, these insoles may be utilised in a variety of different kinds of shoes. In $69.99, HappyFeet offers to massage HappyFeet Slippers.

Although there are a limited number of designs available, purchasing a pair of HappyFeet shoes from the comfort of your home allows you to register for a free two-year guarantee via their website. This is a fantastic service that only big corporations can provide.


Protalus, instead of offering shoes, is popular for its high-quality insoles. A new pair of shoes with these inserts attached may provide you the same level of comfort and support as a custom-built orthopaedic sneaker. This unique method for creating a thin insole uses the kinetic chain, which connects the foot to the neck, to assist improve the overall connection between your ankle and your whole body. It has also been proven that Protalus’ insoles improve ankle alignment by more than 30% as compared to the generic ones.

In addition to selling various insoles, which are intended to be used with different kinds of shoes, they also carry many varieties of insoles, which are good for a wide range of footwear. The T100 insoles are meant to be used with normal shoes; they replace the regular shoes insoles. The H75 insoles are specifically designed to be used with heels of up to 2.5 inches. The price of each pair of insoles is $99.95, but if you want to become a member of their subscription programme, you may decrease the price by as much as 50 %.


Orthopedic shoes, if you use them consistently, may help treat back, leg, and foot discomfort. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on specialty shoes for problem feet.

. No matter how much you spend, a new pair of shoes or insoles you’ve bought for less than $130 may alleviate your discomfort and increase the health of your feet in the long run.

These four online orthopaedic shoe shops are among the finest around today and have made shopping for orthopaedics and orthotics simple and enjoyable.

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