Calories in Cotton Candy Grapes: Nutritional Value of Cotton Candy Grapes

Cotton candy grapes are considered a perfect healthy treat, despite their sweet taste.

On the other hand, the taste of it just being like a circus candy doesn’t bring all the healthiness of a grape. One major aspect which makes people worried about their health is the number of calories in cotton candy grapes.

In this article, you will know about cotton candy grapes, their nutritional facts, and their health benefits.

What are Cotton Candy Grapes?

Cotton candy grapes are like normal grapes – green, plumped, juicy. They are seedless.

The science behind the cotton candy grapes being the perfect sweet is that a typical cup of grapes contains around 62 calories and 15g of natural sugar. On the other hand, a single cup serving of cotton candy grapes provides you with 100 calories with 28g of natural sugar – that’s almost twice as much sugar which makes sense because the sugar enhances the flavor.

The reason why you don’t find cotton candy grapes in abundance is that they are made available only once throughout the year. Many people love these tiny juicy fruits due to an extraordinarily sweet taste. Cotton candy grapes are produced by one company only.

These grapes can be a major addition of nutrients to your diet while satisfying your sweet tooth. There are numerous benefits of cotton candy grapes. They come packed with vitamins, minerals, low fats, and other healthy nutrients.

The Benefits of Cotton Candy Grapes

  • Boost brain function
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • It may help prevent cancer
  • Fight bacteria

Boost Brain Function

These grapes contain flavonoids, which are essential for the brain to function efficiently. Moreover, when an individual consumes these grapes, it reduces the oxidative stress caused by the formation of free radicals.

According to the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, if an individual consumes Concord grape juice for continuous 12 weeks as part of a diet plan, it will help in improving memory in adults suffering from mild cognitive impairment.

Regulate Blood Sugar

Cotton candy grapes have a low glycemic index value, therefore, the chances for sudden blood sugar spikes are comparatively low. These grapes prove to be an excellent addition to your diet. It keeps your blood sugar in control.

According to studies, a compound, ‘Polyphenol’ is found in cotton candy grapes that helps in keeping blood sugar levels in check.

Help Prevent Cancer

The main reason behind the popularity of cotton candy grapes is that grape extract reduces the growth of colon cancer cells. Some of the antioxidants and polyphenols found in cotton candy grapes help prevent cancer.

Fight Bacteria

A test-tube study conducted back in 2015 concluded that grape peel extract was useful in fighting off bacteria that cause harmful illnesses and diseases.

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