Can Dogs Eat Hummus? Here’s Your Answer!

Is hummus healthy for dogs? Well, to be brutally honest, hummus somehow doesn’t strike us as a food that would be good for a dog’s tummy. We looked into the ingredients and quickly determined that hummus isn’t healthy for dogs. Dogs require high-quality dog food which should be carefully prepped up.

Hummus has nutrients that humans can easily handle. Chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, tahini, lemon juice, and salt are used to make hummus. Further additives, such as red pepper and pine nuts, are sometimes used. Do these seem like things you’d use in dog treats? Nope, we don’t believe so.

Can Dogs Eat Hummus – NO! Not Recommended at all

Hummus is indeed a tasty treat, dip, or sauce that is famous all over the globe in Middle Eastern cuisines. It’s prepared using chickpeas that have been cooked as well as mashed, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. Other unique elements may be added to certain Hummus recipes.

Even though hummus is rich in nutritional fibers, proteins, vitamin B6, and manganese, these main components can end up making dogs sick. Garlic, for one, is among the most poisonous foods for pet dogs, which is often present in hummus.

So, how can hummus be harmful to dogs if it’s that healthy and tasty for humans? We’ll get to this below. Hummus is typically prepared with garlic, although occasionally folks include onions in it as well. Since it includes antioxidants, such a meal is incredibly beneficial to humans. Also, giving your dog a piece of the sandwich is okay as well, particularly if it’s just a steak and chicken sandwich.

Letting it taste your hummus plate, on the other hand, will almost certainly result in a trip to the vet. If your dog eats hummus, it might start puking and have diarrhea; you should take him to the veterinarian as fast as possible to get him treated.

Your Dog’s System and Toxicity of Hummus

  • → Mixing garlic with some other substances might harm your dog’s red blood cells.
  • → The citric acid in lemon juice is highly harmful to a dog’s tummy.
  • → Hummus contains salt, but excessive salt is bad for any dog.
  • → If you put onions in the hummus, then there’s a pretty good chance of your dog’s tummy getting poisoned.
  • → Because tahini is a calorie-dense component, giving your dog hummus for a treat is not a good idea because it includes calories as well as raises cholesterol levels.
  • → Garlic plus onions, when combined in a hummus meal, can induce Hemolytic Anemia, a potentially life-threatening disease. Most of the hemoglobin cells which supply blood flow to the brain are destroyed.
  • → If taken in high quantities, red pepper might be detrimental to the dog’s tummy. It’s unlikely that a dog would eat a human meal without licking the plate clean.

Is It Possible for Dogs to Consume Hummus Without Garlic or Lemon Juice?

One can offer their dog a safe kind of hummus if or when they need to. This simply means there would be zero garlic added in hummus, as well as no lemon juice would be added. The title of the dish will alter if the ingredient is changed.

We are not quite sure why you’d want to give your pet dog this dish rather than a good, nutritional dog meal. You should think about the repercussions on your dog’s health before taking this step. To be cautious, make additional research on giving a human meal to dogs.

You should also consider having a healthy informative discussion about this matter with your other friends who own dogs. Believe us, sometimes it is best to discuss these types of things rather than experimenting with them on your own.

Your Dog Accidentally Ate Hummus? Here Are Some Emergency Protocols

  • → First and foremost, you must identify the quantity of hummus the dog has consumed.
  • → After that, you keep an eye on him. Check for any signs or indications of excessive consumption.
  • → Your pet will be puking nonstop and would not be capable of stopping.
  • → Since it has no power over its intestines, your pet will defecate continuously and, therefore, be unable to do so in the defecate container.
  • → The dog will look weak as well as will be unfit to walk. It may appear tired and therefore will lie flat upon the ground or on the
  • → Because of the toxin that garlic had unleashed in its tummy, the dog may look to be in terrible distress.
  • → If any of the aforementioned symptoms appear in rapid succession, you should take your pet to the veterinarian right away.

Can Dogs Eat Hummus if I prepare one especially for them (without toxic ingredients)?

Well, yes your dog can eat dog-friendly Hummus if you know how to prepare one. If you don’t know… take a glance at the following recipe and you will be good to go!

  • → ½ tablespoon of olive oil
  • → 1 complete can of chickpeas
  • → 1 tablespoon of cumin powder
  • → 2 tablespoons of cold water
  • → 3 tablespoons of tahini
  • → A pinch of paprika

Combine all of the items mentioned here in a blender.

You may offer this to the pet in little quantities, thus it will enjoy its version of healthy hummus while you eat normal hummus. This will prevent any mishaps that might need you along with your precious pet to visit the veterinarian.

After you’ve labeled his type of healthy hummus with their name upon the bowl, put it inside your fridge for future treats!

What If I Feed Chickpeas Instead of Hummus to My Pet Dog?

Yes! Fresh chickpeas may be cooked without either garlic or onion to provide a basic meal for the dog, having dietary and health advantages.

Chickpeas offer nutrients that help your dog’s blood circulation as well as heart fitness. Such peas additionally generate energy steadily, avoiding the glucose declines and spikes that lead to diabetes. Chickpeas are also known for their ability to combat cancer.

Chickpeas include choline, which lowers inflammation in dogs who are old with osteoarthritis. Chickpea fibers help to enhance bowel motions and relieve diarrhea by reducing the requirement to eat significant quantities of food.


Upon reading this post, do you think you’ll leave your hummus outside for the pup to try?

Should you rather offer dog treats that have the exact nutritional value as human food? Do you see yourself cooking healthy hummus in the near future?

We hope you’ve found the advice given above to be useful. We would appreciate it if you could share any further details with us. So, if anyone asks you about can dogs eat hummus or not, make sure to share this post with them!


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