Can Pregnant Women Eat Fish Sauce?

An intake of a healthy diet during pregnancy is really necessary, it is important for both the mother and child. By keeping this in mind, there are food tips that are available out there. But, every woman would be afraid to follow any of those tips since those foods can be dangerous for their babies.

So now, the question is can a pregnant woman eat industrial fish sauce? All these queries and confusion will be sorted out in this article.

So without any further ado, let’s begin to find out whether a pregnant woman can consume fish sauce or not.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Fish Sauce?

A woman’s body changes in so many ways when she gets pregnant. There are many questions about food, for instance, regarding sauces. There are questions like; can pregnant women eat fish sauce or not? The answer to this question is, “Yes”. Women are allowed to eat industrial fish sauce during pregnancy. It’s absolutely safe for them. But be careful about what you are going to eat as it can harm the baby inside the womb.

To find out more about this topic, continue reading the article.

Sauces that a Pregnant Woman can take

After getting the answer of can pregnant women eat fish sauce or not, here, we will give an overview of the sauces which women can eat during their pregnancy. We will not go into the depth of all the sauces’ details. Instead, we will talk about the risk factors of a few sauces. Our main concern would be not to frighten women when they think about eating industrial fish sauce when they are going through their pregnancy period.

So let’s start it.

Sauces that contain Cheese

Pregnant women can eat cheese sauces but only under two states; either the sauce is industrial or it is prepared by someone at home. It is necessary to check whether the cheese has been correctly cooked or not. If they follow these tips, their decision will prevent them from getting Listeria infection.

Industrial Sauces

It can surely happen that women during pregnancy would want to consume industrial sauces. But the question is; whether is it safe for them or not. And luckily, the answer is yes. Pregnant women are free to eat industrial sauces but not when the sauces are prepared at home.

Soya or Soya-based Sauces

It is highly recommended for pregnant women to avoid consuming soy sauces. Nonetheless, they are allowed to eat sugary or salty soy sauces. For instance, these sauces won’t be formally banned.

We do not recommend them as soybeans consist of phytoestrogens which is harmful for the baby’s proper development. If a woman is consuming soy sauce only a few times, then the usage of it is not harmful. Nonetheless, it’s recommended to avoid them.

Sauce with Cream or Milk

The same rule applies to dairy products. Consider buying the industrial sauce which is made with pasteurized cream or prepares your homemade sauce but MUST put pasteurized ingredients into it.

Homemade Sauce

First of all, it is important to focus on the above-mentioned recommendations. It’s important to keep the mind alert when it comes to pouring eggs or yolks in homemade sauces. It is risky to put raw eggs into the sauces. If one has plenty of fresh and correctly kept eggs, then these eggs can be put into the sauces. But, if the eggs are not fresh, they can cause pregnant women salmonella infection.

Be Cautious While Consuming Salt in Sauces during Pregnancy

Many sauces, especially industrial sauces contain salt. It is commonly seen in the form of salt or monosodium glutamate. They are found in broths, like soy sauce. It is a recommendation to restrict oneself from eating salt below the amount of 5g every day. Select a seasoning that has aromatic herbs.


So, at last, the readers must have become satisfied to know that they can eat industrial fish oil without harming themselves and their unborn baby. Nevertheless, the recommendations mentioned in this article have the right to be respected.

Having a baby is one of the biggest blessings of God which a woman can have. So always do a little research before acting upon any suggestions. Because a small mistake can make you regret your whole life.

Make sure to follow all the safety measures and precautions regarding the consumption of sauces. So, you can prevent yourself and your baby from any kind of harm.

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