How many Carbs in Blue Cheese Dressing are there?

The Keto blue cheese dressing is one of the few favorite dressings among the Keto dietitians because of its low carbs quality and deliciously amazing taste.

How many carbs in blue cheese dressing can you find? The carbs in blue cheese dressings depend particularly on the quantity per serving. However, 100 grams of blue cheese dressing provides 26 grams of carbs that is a somewhere healthy sign for Keto practitioners wherein keto diet, you have to keep your carb consumption low and fat consumption high. Most of the blue cheese dressings are low in carbohydrates and Keto friendly. Ken’s and Krafts blue cheese dressings are some of the most classic low-carb dressings that you would easily find at any grocery store.

So how do you make blue cheese dressing that is keto-friendly for yourself at home?

It’s super easy. Plus, it can be prepared in less than 5 minutes if you have everything in your kitchen. Now without wasting one more second, let’s jump straight to the recipe.

How to make Blue Cheese Dressing?

The thick creamy blue cheese dressing takes lesser time than you think and your taste buds can feel the amazing tang even after your serving. Here’s how you can make blue cheese dressing.

Ingredients that you need to prepare blue cheese dressing are:

  • Sour cream,
  • Mayonnaise,
  • White wine vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Blue cheese crumbles,
  • Sea salt,
  • Almond milk,
  • Black pepper, and
  • Lemon juice.

Mix all the ingredients together in a jar or bowl and use a spatula or spoon to press the blue cheese so it leaves out its flavor to incorporate its flavor to the rest of the dressing.

You can serve the blue cheese dressing with any salad of your liking. To provide it a complete look, add crumbled bacon (optional).

Other than Salads, you can have this blue cheese dressing with:

  • Buffalo Chicken dip
  • Buffalo Cheese sauce and Dip
  • Buffalo Chicken Tenders
  • Buffalo Chicken Casserole
  • Buffalo Cauliflower ‘Mac & Cheese’

Carbs in Blue Cheese Dressing support a Ketogenic Diet?

Yes, the homemade blue cheese dressing is keto-friendly. In this Keto-friendly blue cheese dressing, there are no carbs as no ingredient is used in the blue cheese dressing recipe which holds a number of carbohydrates such as whole-grain, rice, or ingredient that contains sugar.

But it is to consider here that not every blue cheese dressing has to be keto-friendly. Many other versions of the dressing are made from buttermilk that does not support keto goals and is not really recommended. Another example of carb-containing blue cheese dressing is the bottled versions of dressings that often contain GMO oils (soybean and corn oils) they are definitely not a suggested option.

How can you store your Keto-friendly Blue Cheese Dressing?

If you have served your keto friend with blue cheese dressing this weekend, and you have left with some of the dressing, then don’t you worry. You can keep this blue cheese dressing in the fridge for up to five to seven days in an air-tight container.

Is it safe to freeze Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing?

It is not suggested to freeze your homemade blue cheese dressing. You may have noticed that on freezing dairy items, water from the product often becomes separate when you thaw them. If you are unsure that you won’t be able to consume all of it, then keep the ingredients half when you need to make the dressing. If you are unable to eat it even after keeping it in the jar for several days, it is not even recommended to freeze it on these cases though.

Try not to make the dressing in large quantities as it only takes five minutes to whip everything together, or you can just pour everything in the blender and can max when you need it.

Variations that you can try for this Recipe

If you are not a fan of mayonnaise, you can use full-fat Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. If you don’t have white wine vinegar, you can use apple cider vinegar in place of that. Similarly, if you don’t like the smell of garlic, switch it with garlic powder.

You may wonder if you can get plenty of versions of keto diet blue cheese dressing from the grocery store easily, then why would you take the hustle of preparing blue cheese keto-friendly dressing at home. You will get your answer by taking just the first bite of this dressing and realize why it is so tempting.

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