Centrum vs Centrum Silver Which multivitamin should I take

Multivitamins are something that can add great value to your quality of life. Whether you are an adult or a child, some of us have specific nutrient needs in our bodies that can be met with them. But there’s rather a great discourse around which one you should trust enough because this is something you consume routinely. This is where people started asking the confusing question of Centrum vs Centrum Silver and which multivitamin they should take. The confusion is with the names, and there is no one person to blame.

Starting with the clear confusion that many have, Centrum itself is the name of the brand that manufactures multivitamins and nutrient supplements. Many of their products are partially named Centrum with an additional word or two to differentiate the products. It can be a little confusing if you are hearing about it the first time. No need to worry, this article will help clear out the confusion.

About Centrum

Centrum is a multivitamin company owned by GSK or GlaxoSmithKline, making nutritional products that are focused on physical and emotional wellness. One of the oldest multivitamin companies, backed by millions of dollars of research and development, recommended by many doctors. Since they have large amounts of data on their hands, they were the first company to venture into the nutritional needs of people above the age of 50. Their products are made with the unique needs of a human body of different ages as well as for men and women according to their anatomy. Their focus on the wellness of the mind comes from treating your body right, giving it the right nutrients it requires.

Which multivitamin should I take?

Regarding multivitamins, some people are often conflicted and it is not wrong to be conscious of whatever you consume. But with the right research, even after you have been recommended by your doctor, do your research about what you are asked to put in your body. But if you have any myths regarding supplements, they can easily be resolved with a quick study of the ingredients of a supplement.

Centrum has an online survey you can take to determine which multivitamin might be best suited to you. You take that survey, filling in all major details about your body, any specific conditions you might have, and their physiologist-backed system helps you find the appropriate supplement for you. The survey is highly conducive to your needs and your goals out of the supplement. It will not ask you for any confidential data regarding you.

Centrum Silver

Centrum Silver for Adults is a supplement that Centrum has manufactured for older people, specifically people aged above 50 years. The Gluten-free vitamins are made for an adult whose body is changing due to old age. Your physiological needs change as your body grows older. This is of course subject to differences in different genders as well. The Centrum Silver for men and women are similar with a few differences that are due to the differences in their body and how it functions. Their confusing names might have been the reason behind people looking up Centrum vs Centrum Silver.

The antioxidants and vitamins included in the ingredients of the supplements are balanced depending upon a person’s needs. For example, the For Men version is more focused to help individuals pack on muscle strength of any kind. And the For Women version takes care of strengthening the bones. They are daily vitamins, without any obvious concerns regarding side effects, even long-term. But if you want to be sure, you can double-check it with a healthcare specialist to ensure it does not impact you negatively in any way.

The difference between the Adult version and the Men/Women version is not that much except for catering to their specific needs. The Adult version is more generic regarding the human body. But if you want it to specifically cater to you as a man or a woman, above the age of 50, then you should go for the specific versions.


With regards to Centrum Silver for Adults, some benefits are directly addressed by the supplement. The ingredients in it are put in to make sure they help your body deal with the effects of aging better.

  • Energy – The vitamins in the supplement focus on helping the body create and circulate energy that helps you go about your daily activities without tiring out more. It stops you from getting restricted.
  • Immune system – A common effect of old age is your weakened immune system, which seems to tire out earlier instead of helping your body cope with any diseases or fatigue. The antioxidants in this multivitamin help you develop a strong immune system with the help of vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc.
  • Metabolism – A better metabolism also helps keep your overall energy levels up. Centrum Silver helps your body metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and proteins easily. A healthy metabolism proves good for your overall wellness.
  • General wellness – Apart from the food you eat, there is barely anything aiding you in keeping a healthy mind and body. This is why a multivitamin can improve the overall body, in turn helping your mind, because those are connected very closely.

This was all about Centrum vs Centrum Silver, hope all your questions are answered. There might still be confusion and things you might need to clarify, which is why you have the official site and their contact that you can reach. If you want to ensure a fool-proof long-term supplement for yourself, taking a healthcare specialist’s advice might be a good idea. You can also look around and compare other multivitamins to make yourself comfortable about it.

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