Does flexing build muscle? What are the key factors involved in it?

Social media is flooded with pictures where people love to flex their muscles. Maybe you are also one of them. If you go to a gym to keep yourself fit, you might have seen or come across people flexing their muscles in front of the mirrors. Well, it’s quite usual today.

Sometimes, we are ashamed or guilty of our body’s structure while we flex but do you know that flexing helps you to build muscle? Well, that sounds surprising. However, according to experts, it is true. The likes you get on your social media after posting a picture shouldn’t be your only fuel to make some gains in the gym, but the real reason should be your motivation.

Nevertheless, the main question remains the same: does flexing build muscle?’ This article will highlight authentic factors which will make you believe this. Moreover, it would cover the benefits of it too.

Is it possible to train your muscles by just flexing?

Nobody would believe that without training your muscles, you could make any gains or strengthen them. It sounds illogical. Well, yes, it is true but there are some exercises which can help you strengthen your body parts without any weights such as the plank, wall sits, glute bridges, and crunches.

However, these isometric exercises are keeping your muscles still and in one place, so they would just strengthen the desired body part in one position. Nonetheless, it can be countered with flexing exercises being included in them. For example, to target a muscle or a complete muscle group you can flex in multiple positions and a range of motions to keep them intact.

On the other hand, isometric exercises might be building your strength but there’s no way that it is contributing anything to the muscles.

Let’ understand the benefits of muscle-flexing

According to specialists, it is important to inculcate some of the isometric exercises in your daily life workout plan. Just increasing the weight plates won’t help you much in your gains. To strengthen different body parts, isometric exercises inclusive of flexing are quite essential.

Let’s see what are the advantages attached to muscle-flexing;

  • Lowers blood pressure

People suffering from the disease of blood pressure are highly recommended to follow the routine of muscle-flexing. It helps them reduce their systolic and diastolic blood pressure and puts some good pressure on their muscles.

  • Helps in muscle movement

Sometimes, injuries become a hindrance while we work out. It nearly becomes impossible for us to target a body muscle or part which is already in pain.

In this situation, muscle-flexing helps you to target that specific muscle or muscle group. For example, if your shoulder joint is hurting a lot and you are unable to carry any weights, you can make use of flexing muscles and do strength training.

  • Core stability

As you know, isometric exercises are great for your core. Many obese people are frustrated with their weight and want to get rid of it as soon as possible. However, these muscle-flexing exercises can improve the stability of your core, spine, and trunk. Moreover, it would improve your body balance also.

  • No gym required for these exercises

Sometimes, people make excuses due to a lack of space or equipment. Guess what? These muscle-flexing exercises don’t require any kind of gym or a proper set of equipment. You can make use of basic dumbbells or resistance bands to do your exercises.

Instead of complicating things for yourself, you can do these exercises to keep your body in shape.

In what cases muscle-flexing is more helpful?

It is important to understand whether in what scenario muscle-flexing can prove to be quite vital for your body structure. Let’s dig down into certain situations;

  • Recovering from an injury

These muscle-flexing exercises are highly recommended by the doctors and people involved in bodybuilding. For example, you have an injury in your joint or shoulder, so you can make use of isometric exercises instead of strength exercises.

Strength exercises might be less helpful in these scenarios as you would not be able to lift heavyweights. However, these isometric exercises don’t involve any kind of weight, so it makes it less painful for you.

  • Lesser time required to do the exercises

Due to busy schedules, people are unable to train their bodies. However, these isometric exercises don’t require much time out of your busy schedule. If you are willing to spare a few minutes for your body, trust us you can achieve a lot from it.

Moreover, no equipment is required in these exercises.

  • Keeps blood pressure intact

Hypertension can risk your blood pressure rise. Nevertheless, you should not worry about blood pressure with these isometric exercises. It removes the risk involved in it.


There’s no doubt in saying that strength training has its benefits; however, isometric exercises inclusive of flexing muscles can keep your body toned as well.

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