Drinking cold water vs room temperature: What does not work well for you?

Staying hydrated is essential for every one of us. How much hydrated? We all know. Drink 16 glasses of water a day, and you are good to go.

But there’s always a debate about the good temperature of water for the people to drink. Some individuals believe that cold water triggers health problems while some disagree.

In this article, we will try to find a suitable answer to this debate between drinking cold water vs room temperature water.

Is drinking cold water really bad for you?

You may have been drinking cold water for a long time, but you may get startled to know how much cold water affects your body. According to 1978 research conducted on 15 people, drinking chilled or cold water can affect your lungs badly, shrinking your airways which causes respiratory tract issues. It also thickens nasal mucus, thus you have difficulty in breathing.

Drinking cold water can also trigger neurological issues such as migraines. It may also contract your esophagus making it difficult for you to pass the food through to your stomach.

According to a study conducted in China, drinking cold water with hot food creates an imbalance in your body. That’s the reason behind many meals that are served with hot tea or warm water around the world.  If you still want to drink cold water, then you must also look at the flip side of it.

If you are a fitness freak, then there’s a good sign for you to ponder. During a workout, cold water can actually make your body work harder for a longer period than usual.

Does warm or cold water help you lose weight quicker?

Drinking a glass of cold water helps you reduce your weight much faster. However, you can burn up to eight calories after having a glass of cold water. This is not something to confirm that it actually works for everybody.

How warm water affects your body

You may have noticed that you feel less thirsty when you drink warm water. It keeps you hydrated for a few hours. Physicians also believe that when you work out and your body loses water, you can avoid dehydration by drinking as much water as you can.

Drinking warm water also helps your body to quicken the digestion process. According to a famous nutritionist Dr. Blakeway, he often recommends people to drink warm water to get rid of constipation issues or digestion problems. He added that cold water often congeals fat in foods making the digestive system sluggish. Also, warm water accelerates your body temperature, thus activating your body metabolism.

Drinking cold water vs room temperature water

You may feel soothing while drinking warm water or temperature water especially in winters. Drinking warm water improves circulation and maintains your body temperature steady.

Research studies have confirmed that the temperature of the water you drink directly affects the sweat level inside your body. For instance, a study conducted in 1989 at the United States army university concluded that people who drank warm water to feel less hydrated, may elevate the dehydration problems in the long run. 

A study conducted in 2013, suggested that people who workout regularly, must drink water with a temperature of 16℃, which is the same temperature of the normal tap water. The study also states that people who consume water at this temperature sweat less as compared to those who drink water with temperature lower or higher than 16℃.

Six Taekwondo athletes second the study done in 2011, that drinking cold water (with a temperature of 5℃) is not effective for the people seeking hydration.


The next time you go to hold a glass of water, which you may prefer? Drink cold water or warm water.

There are always good and bad sides to everything, you can make your choices according to your own preferences.

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