Simple and beautiful ways to connect with your spirit

There are situations where you cannot decide on something, you take a walk or a nap, and it is all clear now. Well, that was not a mystic walk or a magical sleep, but your spirit helping you. 

If you are wondering how to find your spirit guides, we have a piece of fantastic news for you. You already have your guides on your side. Remember that time you felt the presence of powerful energy by you, or a pet you loved dearly that died. It can also be a departed loved one helping you spiritually. 

Now that you know you always have your spirits by your side, how do you connect with them? The answer is by acknowledging their presence. You do not have to have any powers or spell to call your spirits.

This compilation of some beautiful and straightforward ways to connect with your spirit is your ultimate guide. If you want to know how to find your spirit guides, then read on.

How to find your spirit guides and connect with them?

Know what you want

With spirit guides, you cannot just wait to see your problems solved by themselves. You need to understand your issues first and then ask your guides for their help. You should be specific and clear about what you want. Once you do, there is nothing in this world that won’t help you.

Whether you have lost something or are battling with a life-threatening disease, you only need to ask your guide with a pure heart and clear mind. You should trust these spirits to solve the problem for you since nothing is out of reach for them.

The right way to go by it would be to call the guides of the greatest level. Thank them for their presence and compassion, and then put forward your wishes. This brings us to our main point, which is asking the guides.

Observe with your eyes and heart

As humans, we get so many signs every day, but we miss them due to our fast-paced life. Slow down and observe your life. This simple habit will bring in so many good changes in you, making you grateful for whatever you have.

One way you could do this would be by meditating. When you meditate, you block all unwanted, unnecessary thoughts out and listen to what your guides tell you. When we slow down and focus on our surroundings, we can feel the spirits’ wisdom around us. You connect better this way because of the tuning of your frequencies.

Remember that you are waiting for guidance from them, and observe every tiny detail of your life. You will experience signs and directions helping you make your decision.

Communicate through writing

Perhaps the most substantial means of communication with a spirit is by writing. You can call it intuitive writing, reflective writing, or even writing with your guide. Your spirit guides your pen; therefore, every word on the paper is spiritual guidance.

You can also start writing whatever you feel like, but there is a recommended method of talking to your spirits through writing. First, you need to show your gratitude by writing a thank you note for your spirit. Next, get two colored pens and write your questions in one color. Clear your mind, ask your guide for the answer, and start writing the answers with the other pen.

You will feel like your hand is flowing on the paper. Do not think or edit anything you write because this is not you; this is your guide speaking. Once you are done, you will have a direction to move on to.

Look for signs from your guides

Your guide likes to be acknowledged and remembered. When you do so, they make you feel their presence through signs. You can also ask for one from your guides, and they will be happy to comply. You only have to have a firm belief that they are there with you.

Once you deliberately look for signs in everything you do, you will see how much you were missing before. Some people like to choose a particular object like a color or a flower. This way, whenever you see that thing in front of you, you will know that it is a sign.

The signs might also come across as something you needed at the moment. For example, you are looking for a certain thing, but you cannot find it. Suddenly, you find it lying right in front of you. This is a sign that the guides have got your back all the time.

Communicate regularly

What is more important than how to find your spirit guide is to develop a spiritual relationship with them. This comes with regular communication, gratification, and belief in them. 

It is a well-experienced fact that communicating regularly with your guides helps in building a better connection. You can choose a part of your place to be sacred, specified for your connection with your companions.

Your principal focus should be on making it a habit. They say if you do one thing for 40 days, it becomes a habit. Therefore, you only need to communicate daily through whichever practice you like. It does not matter whether you connect through meditation, writing, or observing; just do it diligently for 40 days.

Accept but do not demand

Connection with your spirit is not something you can demand. You can only strengthen your belief system that they are there. This belief will eventually give you all that you want. When you receive guidance and help from your guides, it leaves a lasting feeling of spectacle and awe. 

Once you ask for something from your guides, be patient for the signs and guidance. Do not lose hope if your problem does not solve miraculously. Instead, open your eyes, observe everything you do. It is in these mundane things that you will find your spiritual guidance. 

You may find guidance in and from the most unexpected of the places and people and you may find your direction written on a random paper or get guidance in the form of a stranger.


The whole process of how to find your spirit guides and establishing a relationship with them is beautiful. No worries if you have not experienced it yet. These easy-to-follow steps are enough for anyone to know their spirits and connect with them.

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