Funny quarantine gifts and gestures for those having a hard time in social distancing

Staying away from your loved ones is one of the hardest choices you make. The moment we shut our offices back in March last year with an anticipation of ‘meeting again in a few weeks’, and here we are, searching for the funny quarantine gifts ideas that can replicate the experience of joy that somebody would have in meeting with that loved one in person.

However, technology seems to be a blessing in disguise. Now, we can communicate and share our feelings with our loved ones via smart phones, and other gadgets. But still, nothing can replace the epitome of a tight hug that elevates the emotional contact among family members and friends.

In the wake of the global pandemic, we believe that more people have become accustomed to social distancing – but that doesn’t mean we should forget our friends’ birthdays and stop enjoying the celebrations. In the journey to get more creative and to have more pleasurable experience, we have found some unexpected surprises have a long-term impact than those pre-planned parties.

For the same reason, we have curated some extraordinary and funny quarantine gift ideas for you.

Funny quarantine gifs ideas

Customized explosion boxes

Have you seen those boxes that explode with the number of things that you add or wished to add as a surprise? Those low-cost customized gift boxes come in handy and you can present these boxes to your friend as a birthday gift.

Streaming bundle that covers every box

When this all happened every cinephile went astray over the news of Disney and Marvel releases getting canceled, or sports events getting postponed. This would be so disturbing if Netflix and Disney would not be there. Netflix’s bundle subscription package will be a great idea to kill the quarantine time.

T-shirts with the finny quotes and messages

Many of our friends like wearing printed shirts highlighting famous sayings. Why not gift a shirt with personalized messages?

Disco Ball lamp

Sitting in the hall, or alone in the room, a colored ball lamp will be a perfect fit to have a soothing effect. It will make a good present for a birthday party.

Heated back or neck massager

Relaxing on the same old chair might have made your mother’s neck stiff.  A neck massager or a heated back pillow will definitely be the perfect gift item you can opt for.

Scrabble game board

Those who love to solve puzzles will love having a scrabble board game as a gift.  We hardly take time to refresh our vocabulary. It helps us in learning new words. Let’s play the scrabble board game to pass quarantine time.

Air fryer

An Air Fryer is a trendy product. The Dual Basket Ninja Air fryer provides you the opportunity to cook two food items in two different styles in one go. Get this product and enjoy your quarantine time with tasty, homemade food. You can also gift this product to your loved one.

Recipe Frame

Do you have a friend who spends most of her time in the kitchen even in quarantine? If yes, then getting a customized recipe frame is a good gift that you can present her with.

Soft board

Many of us forget to complete our tasks even after we have already planned for them. Getting a soft board for your friends will help them organize things, and manage their time during the quarantine.

Refillable glass dispenser

Sanitizers have become an integral part of our routine lives. This eco-friendly refillable dispenser is a good gift that you can offer to your loved ones. Every time they want to sanitize their hands, they will use this glass dispenser to their advantage.


Books make a great gift to present to your friends or loved ones during quarantine. Order multiple books online and package them nicely. And gift this package to your loved ones on special occasions like birthdays. anniversaries, etc.

Whatever you choose as a quarantine gift, make sure that your friend loves it. We know all the affection you’ve got for your friends and family can’t be replaced by anything else. But with true and kind gestures to show them that you care for them in these hard times, will certainly increase the essence of your relationship.

Lastly, it is not necessary that you only find it ideal to send gifts for those who live far away from you. You can gift any of the items mentioned in this article to any friend or a family member living with you, or in your vicinity.

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