Hobbit meal times a proper scheduled menu plan

If we talk about the celebration of hobbits, then food is their basic element of enjoyment, because they are food lovers. In fact, there are hobbit meal times as well. From breakfast till lunch they are full of joy for eating, and especially when it is home-cooked food.

If we talk about the menu, it depends on what time it is or the duration, and also if the little ones are being invited there or not. There were open houses built in the past for people to come to whenever they wanted to eat their own food. It’s a lot of fun to prepare your favorite meals for the hobbits, and everyone should eat them whenever they come in.

The Hobbit menu for parties and its items have been listed here properly for you to see. They’ve been grouped in with the links. So take care of them and stay tuned to find out what the best-cooked food is. Moreover, these are blog-inspired and a favorite of many people who enjoy their meals. So keep on reading the below-mentioned hobbit meal times.

Breakfast at 7 am

Usually, when it comes to serving, it starts with something lighter or sweeter, just like cakes, pastries, and sweet fruits. Essentially, the beginning is lighter so that the breakfast can be full and healthy, and there are two breakfasts. It is totally different what party it is, but for me, the meals would go like the following- specifically with my serving order:

  • On toast with jam
  • Teacakes with berries and bags (for second breakfast).
  • The granola with yogurt (as in to create a bar look?!)
  • Cake with lemon zest and poppy seeds
  • Muffins with banana oats

The second breakfast was scheduled for 9 a.m.

The breakfast that comes second is all of the sausages, bacon, and eggs, containing more and more! It should be hearty. Let’s just go with sausage and bacon for the serving to make the tray look nice, along with some tea and a pot crock. So, with this hobbit meal time and eatables, making the tray for breakfast looks even yummier.

  • Eggs that are fried
  • Gravy sausage and biscuits
  • Mushrooms with sausage
  • Potatoes fried
  • Veggie Frittata with potatoes
  • French with pumpkin spice

Elevenses at 11 am

  • Raspberry jam and biscuits
  • The platter of cheese and meat
  • Bread that contains lavender, almond, and citrus (the Lembas Bread)
  • The bar of coffee (with syrup and cream)

Lunch at 1 pm

  • Sandwiches made up of cold chicken are usually sliced up.
  • Syrups made with beef or in soup form
  • Meaty pies served individually
  • Leafy salad garden

Afternoon tea at 3 pm

  • Chai tea and warm cider spice with the muffins The pumpkin
  • Apple, pumpkin, or strawberry scones
  • Pastries of Citrus with Earl Grey (added to orange scones, poppy seeds and lemon cake).
  • Honey cake from Beorn (second breakfast)

Dinner, or supper at 6 pm

  • Chicken roasted with vegetables and potatoes.
  • In addition to the roasted onions, there are mushrooms, carrots, and potatoes in the pot.
  • Mushrooms that are stuffed
  • Pie shepherd


  • Amaretto pound cake made with almonds
  • Birthday cake with strawberries with cream (second breakfast)
  • Cream and berries are made with whipped cream and blueberries, which are homemade. While keeping it on top, a certain kind of beauty is used to balance it out with the heaviness.
  • Layered cake with pumpkin.


Beverages, specifically when discussing drinks, are supposed to be labeled as plans. While the list should focus on growing up and children. That is one important thing to do when it comes to drinking because the drink is served individually.

  • Lemon juice, apple juice, basil, and gin, while also including vodka and mint, are considered to be the Ent Draught.
  • When it comes to the wines, name them after various Elven realms (Mirkwood and Rivendell would make fantastic reds, and Lothlorien would be appropriate for sparkling or white).
  • The most perfect ale you have got to showcase as “Proper 1420” is labeled as beer (ideally, anything golden, as many things in the 1420 year were oddly fair and golden.

A friendly note to all the readers

Ent Draught Treebeard is one of the best drink recipes that I have come across for families, and they are quite unique as well.

So, two of the best favorites we have are:

The first one is the recipe for the herbs, tea, and flowers at the crossroads. The second one is from a starlight feast with juices mixed with fruits or green (Punch green or Powerade green, while if taken with the juice of an apple, then it can be the best for little ones, as it is about enjoying and creating memories, so tell them everything about what Ent Draught is about).

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