How long does Corn last in the Fridge – Ways to reheat Corn

Corn is rich in niacin and Vitamin C and B. If you want to see how fresh the corn is before making the purchase, look at the husk wrapped around it.

However, corn on the cob is best for consumption when it is available in the summer months, but you can get it all year long in a can. Whereas, frozen corn also contains nutrients and is an excellent source of Vitamins when you can’t find fresh corn anywhere.

Well, how long does corn last in the fridge? When it is preserved properly, how long is the shelf life of corn?

How long does Corn last in the Fridge?

Corn can normally last in the fridge for more than five to seven days if preserved properly. Remove the corn from the cob, cook, and freeze it. It will last longer than expected.

If they start to get dark and moist, know that the corn has become stale. Fresh corn that is removed from the cob has a milky substance in them, which indicates its freshness. Frozen corn that is stored in cans should be kept with its liquid.

Does the Corn without the cobs expire fast?

Check how the corn looks and how it smells. Corn can go bad even if it is cooked properly.

When you get an off-smell (one that you may have experienced with moldy and rotten foods), it indicates that the corn has gone bad. Moreover, if you feel the corn syrup in the canned corn is getting bubbly and slimy, chances are corn has gone bad.

Freezing Corn with Cob

The key to freezing the corn without compromising on the taste is to Blanche them in the water with its cob.

After boiling the corn for 30 minutes, place it in chilled water and then refrigerate it in an airlock bag after cutting the cob into pieces.

The way to reheat the Corns on the Cob

It is super easy to reheat corn on the cob, without compromising on the taste. Take out the corn on the cob, defrost it, dab it on the tissue, and put it in the microwave.

You need to be vigilant here, that the corn on the cob does not become popcorn, (yes, this may also happen). Heat it just for 10 to 20 seconds. Reheat to get it warm enough that butter melts if you slather on it.

Shelf Life of Corn on the Cob

Despite all of your best attempts, there could be several reasons for corn going bad.

You must consume the corn within seven days if you have refrigerated it. However, always make sure it is safe before you consume it.  To know it, see below:

Here are some indicators:

  • Look – a dirty or bendy look can show you the signs of rotten corn cob. Another indicator of the rotten corn on the cob is that they have brown and black spots on the tips of the corn.
  • Odor – You should also avoid consuming it if a rancid odor comes from it.

The prime reason behind the corn on the cob getting bad is the germination of bacteria. This can be prevented from happening in the raw corn on the cob if stored at high temperatures. The recommended temperature to store corn for a longer period is 350℉.

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