Do You Know How Long Does Hummus Last?

Let’s face it, we never fail to miss the special deals of grocery stores even after knowing that the products are going to expire in just a few days especially when they are offering the buy one get one free offer. The best part is, following the day of the product’s expiry date, we won’t hesitate to throw it away due to a common mindset that the product has turned bad and it’s nefarious to eat it now.

Do you agree with this? Well, to some extent it is true but for some food items for instance hummus, the case is different, and we are not sure about when to throw it away. Thereby, we end up searching this question on the internet “how long does hummus last?”

If you are interested to know about it with some other important facts then keep on reading!

Does Hummus need to be Refrigerated?

Yes, hummus does need to be refrigerated. Whether it is bought from the cold section of a commercial store in a frozen form or made at home, it needs to be refrigerated to save it from going bad. However, fresh homemade hummus cannot be left out for more than 2 hours while canned ones can be left unrefrigerated for a longer period after opening. Similarly, it cannot stay on the shelf for more than 1 week if opened.

Does Hummus go bad?

Like every other organic product, hummus does go bad as well. Whether you have bought a commercially manufactured can of hummus or made it at home from scratch, after 7 to 10 days in the refrigerator it goes bad.

Homemade hummus is also a great option and it’s much more delicious than the commercially available one. However, unfortunately, you can keep it in the refrigerator for only 4 to 5 days. Though you can work on its longevity by adding more lemon or garlic to it to increase the acid content.  This way you would be able to store it for a longer time- at least a week. Sesame, garlic, and lemon juice are the main ingredients of hummus because they have preservative qualities that prevent it from going bad.

Likewise, some ingredients can decrease the life of hummus. If you add fresh vegetables like spinach or peppers to it, it may go bad faster due to the presence of moisture.

How long is Hummus good for? – How to store it?

Here are a few ways by which you can know how long does hummus last and how you can store it.

1)  Hummus from your Local Supermarket

If you open hummus before refrigeration, it can last for 2 months. While it cannot go for more than 1 week after opening with refrigeration. Also, you must check the expiry dates yourself just to be on the safe side.

2) Commercial Hummus – Bought Unrefrigerated

This type of hummus can last for 1 month in your pantry post expiry date. After opening, it is best to use it within a week and must be refrigerated during that time. If you are planning to buy the commercial hummus to store it for a longer time, you must ensure that it is kept in a cool, dry, and dark place like a pantry or a cabinet unexposed to the sunlight.

3) Commercially Canned Hummus – Bought Unrefrigerated

The hummus can last in your pantry for 1 month after its expiry date. Once opened, it must be refrigerated to prevent it from going bad. This way it will last for a week. Before opening, please make sure to keep it in a cool, dark, and dry place unexposed to the sunlight.

4) Homemade Hummus

The homemade hummus must be refrigerated right after it is made. Also, it cannot go more than 4 – 5 days because of the absence of preservatives required to store it.

How about Freezing Hummus?

Homemade and commercial hummus can be frozen for up to 4 months. You must ensure to freeze it in a freezer-safe container. The frozen hummus may not look good when thawed but if stirred well it can regain the texture. You can put it in a refrigerator overnight to thaw. Note that the previously frozen hummus should not be re-frozen.

Is it Okay to eat the Hummus left out overnight?

After being left out for hours we are not sure if it is safe to eat that hummus. There is the slightest chance that the canned hummus won’t go bad due to the added preservatives, but we definitely won’t recommend you test it on yourself. It may cause food poisoning.

Ways to Check If Hummus is bad

Eating the hummus left out overnight may not sound like a good idea but there are 5 ways by which you can check if it has gone bad.

1)  Growth on the Surface of the Hummus

It is one of the easiest ways to check if it is good to eat or not. If you notice any growth on the surface of it with a foul smell, discard the product right away.

2) Changes in the Texture

If you see any changes in the texture like oil or water separation, it is normal. You often have seen the same kind of separations in mustard and peanut butter which you can fix instantly with a quick stir. However, if the oil separation seems unusual with some changes in the texture as well it is advised to throw it away.

3) Discoloration

When the hummus is left out for too long, it not just develops a foul smell but also gets hard and darkens in color.

4) Old Hummus

If the hummus you have kept in the refrigerator open for 7 days, you should not take a chance to eat it.

If You have consumed Bad Hummus – What happens then?

When hummus starts going bad it develops mold and bacteria into it which can cause food poisoning and other ailments like listeriosis. Therefore, you should check it before eating. However, even if it doesn’t smell bad but has passed 7 days, discard it without giving it a second thought.

4 Ways to Make Hummus last for long

Here are the 4 things that will preserve your hummus for a good amount of time.

1) Keep it in the refrigerator all the time.

2) Store hummus in an airtight container.

3) If you are serving it as an appetizer at a party, make sure to keep it in a bowl of ice to keep it fresh and cold.

4) Drizzle some olive oil over the surface of the hummus before putting it back into the refrigerator, this way it will not get oxidized and will stay moist.

4 Tips to serve Hummus

1) Keep the hummus in a lidded bowl so you can cover it with the lid after every serving to prevent it from airborne contamination. Make sure the lid is clean.

2) Use a separate spoon for serving hummus so that it won’t cross-contaminate and mix with other food.

3) Keep the rim of the bowl clean to save the hummus from contamination.

4) Spoon out the exact portion from the bowl into a clean serving plate and put the rest in the refrigerator.

On Holidays when too many containers left unliddedcd – What to do then?

If you are hosting an annual holiday or Christmas party and have more than one container of hummus opened, serve it away as much as you can by following these:

1) Freeze all the containers except the one you are using.

2) Bring some crackers and pita bread and indulge everyone to snack on the leftover hummus.

3) Pick middle eastern food recipes and make hot dishes that are economical and delicious.

Different Ways to Eat Hummus

1)  With Raw Crunchy Veggies

This may not be a unique way of eating hummus but one of the best ways to make your children snack on vegetables. Cut some bell peppers, radish slices, celery, cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets, and cauliflower in a balconette shape and dip it into the hummus, and have a bite full of nutrition.


Source: eattolivedaily

2) Use it as Salad Dressing

Salad is a healthy appetizer but usually, it loses its purpose when heavy creams and oils are added to it. Instead of that, you can use hummus to enrich your salads while keeping them healthy. All you need to do is just add 2 spoons of hummus on the top of your salad and you are good to go.


Source: .thedishonhealthy

3)  Use it in Marination

Instead of using herbs and spices to marinate your chicken, just slather some hummus on the top of your meat and let it rest for an hour. Finally, bake it the way you normally do, and you will be surprised to find how yummy it tastes.


Source: jessicacordingnutrition

4)  Hummus Toast for Brunch

Swap your regular avocado toast with this quick hummus brunch toast which you can have on the go. Take a slice of bread, toast it, and spread a thin layer of hummus on it. If you wish to make it a little fancy, you can add some shredded chicken and a half-fried egg with a sunny side up on the top. Believe us, it will taste divine!


Source: nutmegnanny

If you are a calorie-conscious person and want to reduce some extra kilos, you can count on hummus. 100 grams of hummus contains 166 calories in total. However, it is difficult to keep it fresh unless you have the canned versions and only open them when you feel hungry. You can munch on it to satisfy your midday food cravings and can still feel light and fresh afterward.

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