How to be more cultured: 6 tips and tricks that actually work

How to be more cultured? This is the question that may have stimulated your thoughts if you suffer from hodophobia. Sometimes it’s easy to perceive that peripatetic people are more cultured and have more knowledge about the places than other people.

However, it’s not likely always true. To adopt a cultured lifestyle, you just have to broaden your horizon as much as you can. We bring you six of the most important tips that you need to consider if you want to become cultured. 

You need to have the ability to accept and absorb the change (that most people fear). You must also have the desire to experience new things in life. And believe me, sometimes you just don’t have to leave your room, pack your bag or fly around the world.

To adopt a change, you must be a bit more motivated to learn about different cultures. For now – you just have to scroll down and read this article in full.

Indulge yourself in learning arts

The easiest way to observe the cultures of the different countries is through their art. You can visit your local gallery to check out art pieces. You can also discover opera theaters, local drama clubs, or ballet performances happening near you. It’s more fun to re-watch old stories or TV-shows to just revamp your childhood memories.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is quite fun. It’s one of the best activities that you can indulge yourself in. Who knows if you make your way to another country in the coming years.  Knowing another language will also provide you an edge.

It may seem a bit daunting to just start from scratch. Thanks to different apps and online tutorials available free of cost on many websites. Even learning a few phrases in another language will help you flaunt them in front of your friends.

Being able to comprehend and speak another language is much more than just learning words. It helps you understand the cultures and lifestyles of other communities.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when it comes to learning a new language. You can even use a sign or hand language to communicate easily.

Remember that man is a social animal. Communication is the most essential skill that you must master. To communicate, you need to learn a new language. It will help you become more cultured.

Read more books

You might have heard the saying that reading is dreaming with open eyes. You actually visualize what you read if you can comprehend the words in your language. It helps you increase your vocabulary, composition and writing skills, it also adds information about different beliefs and principles.

Remember readers are leaders. Reading books, magazines, newspapers will help you much to know about what famous phrases they use, what famous tourist attractions they have, and what types of foods and recipes they have.

Expand your circle

If you are planning to be more cultured, then try expanding your friend circle. You can interact with people of different colors and cultures online, learn about their likes and dislikes. By doing this you will be able to keep yourself updated about their routine activities.

Other than that, reach out to the people you meet in your dance class, drama clubs, or even in your neighborhood. Talk to them, and understand what other cultured people like to hear so you can flaunt on.

Take public transport

Cultural diversity is the essence of traveling experience. You must embrace it with an open heart. One of the best ways to ascertain cultural diversity of a country, is to use the local transport. You will get a chance to meet people with different cultural backgrounds. Sharing ideas and experiences with other people helps you understand their perspective more vividly and clearly.

While planning to visit places, try riding on public transport instead of calling a comfortable ride. Try metro buses, local trains, or trams that usually are useful for exploring different landscapes. You can also use this opportunity to observe how people from different backgrounds carry themselves, and how they communicate. You may even try to blend yourself in groups, visit places with tourists to feel more cultured. And why not? It would be a great opportunity to expand your social circle as well.

Work voluntarily

Continuing with the above idea, if you are traveling to another country for a few weeks and want to dig deeper to have a rich cultural experience, then find any opportunity to know more about people. You can render your services voluntarily to work for organizations that aim to help other people. Learn to respect others. Always be ready to provide a helping hand to others who are in need. This way you will realize the importance of investing your time in noble causes. It will help you become more tolerant and cultured.

Getting a chance to work somewhere (paid or unpaid) provides you the perfect opportunity to meet, interact, and understand other people and their cultures. This eventually helps you become more cultured yourself. Observing how they maintain the employee-employer relationship will be a great experience for you.

What to avoid when exploring a different culture

Now, when you know what to do to explore about the culture, you must know about things that you need to avoid in places that are foreign to you.

  • Don’t rely on stereotypes

People mostly prefer portraying things over social media and other mediums to demonstrate preconceived theories about their culture.

Regardless of how the stereotypes are formed, they are not the true representation of the people and culture and most importantly, they are often offensive.

To get a know how about the real culture of any place, you actually have to spend time with the people of the country and know them first-hand.

It is possible that you may find locals totally different from what the stereotype might have shown or they may be much more than what the media has propagated. It is important to travel with an open mind and without any judgmental attitude if you really want to learn something without considering stereotypes.

  • Don’t stick to your cell phone

The advent of technology has transformed our lives for good. Everybody knows that until you have this small device you don’t need to worry at all, and that’s what makes you sluggish every time you plan to get out of your room.

Instead, try to locate your destination through the old-school paper map style. This will not only offer a great landscape that you might miss while looking at your phone, but will also open up new doors of imagination if you’re an artist or a painter, or a writer.

You can ask your roommate about his likes and dislikes, what he likes to eat, where he likes to go in spare times, etc. Chances are that he may lead you to the right menu card. Furthermore, you must learn to speak with locals in their own language instead of relying on free apps. Face-to-face interaction with people is what makes you accustomed to the local language.

  • Avoid bucket-list attitude

If you plan to visit multiple places when you travel to a foreign land, you must adhere to your plan. Don’t make a bucket-list, otherwise you will not be able to learn about the culture of the country. Shun this attitude, otherwise, it will take away the essence of exploring and experiencing the cultural diversity in full.

Imagine you are in Paris to see Eiffel Tower, and leave France the other day to finish your bucket list. You have missed the chance to experience an actual culture immersion. Rather, we advise you to spend one or two weeks in France and involve yourself with locals. Traveling to the countryside will surely enrich your experience in the French culture.

Remember to keep a check on your budget. If you have an adequate amount of money, you can spend more time in Paris. Immerse yourself in their culture.

  •  Be Brave – Step Out

While traveling, you get overwhelmed easily, especially when you travel alone and don’t know the local language. Talking to strangers can be intimidating sometimes, and as a result, you tend to hesitate to initiate a routine conversation with other people.

If you’re traveling with your friends, then you may find yourself communicating with your friends only. This has to change. Be bold. Be daring. You need to step out of your comfort zone to become more cultured. 

Don’t be afraid to make new friends. Don’t stop yourself from sharing a dorm room in a hostel with other travel partners instead of reserving a private room for yourself. It’s time to start a new journey to explore yourself. It’s a journey that will make you understand your abilities and identify how cultured you have become in pursuit of this particular journey.   

Sometimes acting to be more adventurous without any fear makes you an active traveler and a confident citizen.

So, bookmark today’s post for the next time when you plan to travel with an aim to learn and understand about a new culture.

The time is yours. Go ahead. 

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