How to become Anorexic in fewer time Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Do you know that there are 600 million obese individuals living on this planet? Anorexia nervosa is a disorder related to bad eating habits that can turn fatal. Well, that’s a staggering figure.  If you want to know how to become anorexic, we have got you covered.

In reality, adults who are anorexic are considered to be psychologically unfit and require medical treatment, but that’s not the reason behind this question: how to become anorexic.

In order to shed some extra weight, people snuck into binge-eating behaviors that eventually have dangerous consequences.

How to become Anorexic?

Before you get into knowing about the ways to become anorexic, it’s better to know about anorexia. If somebody is anorexic, it means she/he is suffering from an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa. It is the state of mind where an individual believes that he is overweight and the only way to shed pounds is to stop eating when the reality is just the opposite.

In many cases, women tend to be more anxious to get anorexic. It is important to note that anorexia nervosa has severe consequences, and if the condition is not addressed on time, it may lead to drastic weight loss due to starvation. Anorexic individuals eat less, do not eat fatty meals, starve to death and eventually achieve their weight loss goals in quick time.

You need to understand that achieving weight loss goals requires time and effort. You have to be patient to get the desired results. You do not need to starve to death and go insane regarding your weight loss journey.

If you want to lose weight, you can opt for alternative methods to get the desired results.

A Healthy Meal Plan

While keeping up with your healthy diet regime, you don’t need to have a perfect plan. You just need to know when to stop eating.

Many individuals don’t know when they feel hungry in the truest sense of the word. Consuming food to satiate the emotional imbalance that affects their hunger levels make it difficult for them to become anorexic. If you are one such individual, you should train yourself to remain emotionally strong and to avoid giving in easily.

Following a healthy diet plan that requires you to consume a balanced diet, works efficiently when you keep an eye on your fitness goals. Some diet plans are based on two or three meals per day without having extra calories.

To become anorexic, you should consume a simple, low-calorie diet. You should also do some light exercises to burn those calories. Remember that regular exercise keeps the metabolism process active.

It’s better to start your day with a cup of black coffee with a handful of nuts for breakfast. For lunch, you can have steamed or grilled tuna fish. It’s a good source of healthy fats. As far as the dinner is concerned, a cup of fruit or vegetable salad will satisfy your calorie count for the day.

With this meal plan, you can have drinks throughout the day with of course low or no calories. There’s no restriction of any food with the plan but it is recommended to stick to nutria-rich and protein supplements to maintain your energy levels.

Air Weight Loss Plan

 Another effective method to lose weight and become anorexic is to follow an air weight loss plan. In the process, you need to completely avoid solid foods. You should only consume fresh air, snacks, water, soups, and meals with no calories.

Stay Busy

People who tend to lose their body weight faster than usual are more concerned about their exercise regimen. They tend to keep themselves busy in activities without being sluggish. It’s upon you whether you develop a healthy active routine or nurture obesophobia.

Consume Plenty of Water

When you are following a diet plan, it is necessary to keep a check on your daily calorie intake. When on diet, you should drink plenty of water from time to time to keep yourself hydrated, without skipping essential meals.

Feel Your Bone

Some exercises can help you in becoming anorexic if you do them on an empty stomach. Such exercises include pushups, high kicks, and touching toes. These exercises will help you lose weight. Remember, you don’t have to tweak your diet plans.

It will also make you reflect on the areas when you need to work and how much you need to change your diet plan and what should be the best time to eat.

If you want to become anorexic, you can also consult with a dietician so as to help yourself adopt a healthy diet plan.

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