How to get rid of Fruit Flies Once and for All

From every crawling creature to every flying insect, you probably don’t like uninvited guests that buzz around your house. They often affect the food. And when it comes to fruit flies, these annoying flying bugs come out of nowhere and no matter how much effort you put in to keep them away, they will always bother you with their existence.

But for a lasting and effective solution, it’s time to learn how to get rid of fruit flies once and for all. Yes, you can get rid of them in no time by just grabbing your mittens and cleaning your kitchen thoroughly.

To keep your food stuff safe, you should put it in a refrigerator, or on shelves in an air-tight jar.

To know more about how you should keep fruit flies away from your kitchen, read the article in full.

Where do Fruit Flies come from?

Fruit flies are attracted to cooked food that is left uncovered. So, eventually, it’s you who tend to show fruit flies the way to your pantry.

Once they make their way to your home, they start breeding right on the surface. If you encounter any fruit fly in your house you must act fast. It is important to note that a female fruit fly lays 500 eggs at a time that can hatch in a week. And you know the consequences.

How to get rid of Fruit Flies then?

To get rid of fruit flies, you should think like a spy and try out different tricks to limit the invasion of these tiny creatures. To counter these fruit flies, you can make these DIY traps by following the simple steps mentioned below.

Fruit flies’ DIY Traps that actually work

  • Trap #1: Rotten Fruit

Benefits: Fruit fly attractor, inexpensive and recycled

How to make: To make the trap, put some rotten fruit chopped slices in a bowl and cover it tightly with plastic wrap and poke some holes in the plastic. Holes should be wide enough so that flies make their way inside but narrow enough to keep them inside the bowl.

  • Trap #2: Sugar + Dish Soap + Milk

Benefit: Recycling of household items and use of milk that’s about to expire.

How to make: Mix two tablespoons of sugar in half-cup milk. Heat and stir the mixture occasionally to dissolve sugar completely. Pour a few drops of dish soap to give it a sticky texture, so that if fruit flies sit on it, they can’t escape. Sprinkle some black pepper to make it attractive for the insects.

You have to keep the bowl at a place for the whole day to see the results.  

Benefit: Easy to make, quick to assemble

How to make: Pour an equal quantity of both liquids together in a bowl. Cover the glass with a plastic wrap tightly and poke some holes using toothpicks (as we did in the first trap).

Fruit flies like the smell of vinegar as you may have observed in your pantry. You can use this mixture to attract fruit flies and trap them up.

  • Trap #4: Hot water + Apple cider vinegar + Dish soap

Benefit: Easy to make, quick to set up

How to make: Squirt a little amount of dishwasher liquid into a glass, add apple cider vinegar until the glass is half full. Add hot water to give your glass a thick foamy layer on top.

TIP: You may find this ineffective when the layer of foam disappears after some time. It is important to know that vinegar attracts fruit flies. Keep the trap intact for one or two days. You will surely get some positive results.

  • Trap #5: Rotten Banana + Beer

Benefits: Use of beer before you put it in the trash if you’re not a fan of one.

How to make: Put a rotten banana in a glass or jar. Pour a glass of beer over it to cover the banana partially. Grab a coffee filter and place it on top of the glass/jar.

You may see some dead bodies on the filter the next day. Leave it for a day or two to get the desired results. 

Take away

You must not keep infested and rotten foods inside your pantry. Fruit flies tend to breed on top of the drains, trash bags, and leftovers so they can easily make their way to your home. Make sure to get away with the rotten products before your tiny friends move in.

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