How to Stop Compulsive Eating: Tips and Tricks to Counter Binge Eating

Oftentimes, many people confuse between compulsive eating disorder and being a foodie. However, both are two different things. A foodie is someone, who likes to consume food, not only out of hunger but also as a hobby. But if you are indulged in binge eating, then you are suffering from a compulsive eating disorder.

However, in this article, you will not only get an overview of what is a compulsive eating disorder, but we will also give you tips on how to stop compulsive eating.

Binge eating disorder (BED) or compulsive eating disorder is considered the most common feeding disorder in the United States.

Compulsive eating is marked by eating large amounts of food in quick succession without feeling hungry, (often to the point of discomfort). It is interesting to note that a compulsive overeater on average binges two times a week for at least six months.

It is often planned, usually done alone, and may include heavy food items about which you might feel ashamed and guilty after eating. Think about the event when you ate excessively and were stuffed.

People who suffer from a compulsive eating disorder may resort to binge eating as the only option to cope with their emotions.

It is impressive that you have realized that your eating patterns are not right. If you have a similar problem and you’re reading this article, it means that you’re on the road to embracing a healthier lifestyle. If you want to know how to stop compulsive eating, read this article in full.

How does it start?

People tend to develop a habit of eating food mindlessly. Most people who suffer from compulsive eating disorders are found to consume junk food.

Sometimes, the evolution of emotions is the reason for extravagant eating. People who suffer from compulsive eating need professional help to address this psychological condition.

One of the main aspects of maintaining a diet is keeping a calorie count in check. Most likely, the high-demanding diet plans might lead you to stress, and eventually, you hit a breaking point and get yourself spoiled into so-called ‘forbidden’ food.

Is Food another ‘addiction’ for People

Food addiction is a serious issue that is prevalent among teenagers and adults. Certain foods that contain high sugar content, salt, and fats are found to be addictive just like drugs.

Unlike drugs, there is no alternative to food. There is only one way to cut down on excessive food intake, i.e., dieting. There are multiple diet plans available for people who want to cut off on excessive food consumption.

Are you struggling to understand your unhealthy relationship with food? In the next paragraph, we have highlighted some of the most effective tips that you can use to counter your binge eating habit.

How to Stop Compulsive Eating?

Get rid of the diet

Instead of cutting down on whole food groups from your diet, it is better to switch to a healthy alternative. Low-calorie diets or weight-loss diets are restrictive because when you follow a particular diet plan, you are forced to limit your intake of essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, these restrictive diet plans might lead you to have serious health consequences.

The only reliable way to reduce weight and get rid of bad eating habits is by increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, unprocessed food, and many other healthy alternatives.

Don’t skip your meals

Most of the people, who follow a strict weight loss diet plan believe that skipping the daily meal can help them lose weight in a quick time. This is not true. Don’t skip your daily meals just for the sake of losing weight. When you skip your meal, you’re most likely to indulge yourself in binge eating, and that’s a big problem.

Stay hydrated

To stay healthy, you must drink plenty of water. You should drink approximately 16 glasses of water in a day. Remember to drink water before you take your meals. Drinking water is one of the effective yet simple ways to cut off your unhealthy cravings.

Indulge in exercising

Indulging yourself in physical activity and exercise helps an individual stay in shape and healthy. It helps in blood circulation and metabolism. It is mentioned in a few studies that when a person is motivated towards exercise and yoga, he/she would be encouraged to consume healthy food, thereby eliminating the risk of compulsive eating.


A compulsive eating disorder is characterized by irregular, repeated, and uncontrolled episodes of eating a large amount of food often accompanied by feelings of shame or guilt. If not addressed properly, it can seriously affect a person’s health. If you are suffering from ‘BED’ you should work to change your lifestyle and incorporate healthy eating habits to address the issue.

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