Have your bobby pins slid out of your hair? How to use a bobby pin correctly?

Many of us rely on bobby pins to make our hairstyle stay for the whole day, and it gets annoying when it comes sliding out, again and again, no matter how many times you put them back. To avoid that infuriating feeling, you often have to replenish your bobby pin stock.

In this article, you will get to know how to put bobby pins in your hair correctly and how to use bobby pins correctly.

Choose quality pins

If you really want your bobby pins to stay on your hair, then you must purchase high-quality pins. It really makes a big difference, regardless if you need a hairdo from your favorite stylist or trying an experimental hack at your home.

It also depends on the type of your hair. Normal bobby pins work fine if you have normal and thin hair. But if your hair is quite thick or silky, then you must opt for the branded bobby pins. You can get these bobby pins from any drug store, or you can order them from any professional cosmetic shop online as well.

If you have already got those professional bobby pins, how would you use them? People really don’t know how to use bobby pins correctly. Let’s discuss the mistakes they make while using these pins.

What mistakes people usually make while using bobby pins

  • Insert them incorrectly

Are you one of those who have been putting bobby pins with the grooved side up? If yes, you will be shocked to know that you have been doing it all wrong (don’t worry! It’s common). That wavy side of the bobby pin is to give support to the pin to stay at the place. So, if you keep it upwards, it won’t help you get your desired results.

  • Pop them into wet hair

Often, when we are in a hurry to reach our destination, all of us tie our hair when they are wet with bobby pins and the hair bands. That’s where they make the difference. First putting it incorrectly and secondly on the wet hair won’t be as effective for your hair to stay for a longer period.

  • Using the bobby pin to remove the ear wax

Many people use bobby pins for the purpose they are, but some really go nasty and use them on different parts of their head, ear, and even use them to clean the earwax, which can be very dangerous. For those who use bobby pins in their ear, or even cotton swabs to wipe off earwax, it is important to know that our eardrum is very delicate and can be damaged easily. Even if you are not meant to poking it, things can turn for worse. If any pointed object pricks in it, then it will really affect your hearing ability.

  • Using them with uncovered ends

If your bobby pins have lost their coating, you should really toss them into the bin. The sharp metal at the end of a bobby pin can not only pluck your hair but also can be stabbed into your scalp.

  • Pick the right color

Usually, we don’t want our bobby pins to be seen. We just hope that they stay in their place while being invisible. For this, it is necessary for you to pick the right color to match your hair. If you have blonde hair, you can get a lighter shade for your hair, other than that go for the dark brown or black shade if your locks are darker.

  • Opening them too much apart

If your bobby pins don’t grip your hair properly, then it might be the case that you have spread them too much in order to make them hold more hair. It mostly happens when you use your teeth to open them.

P.S. It does not apply to the jumbo bobby pins, as they already are wide – used to make hair buns.

Saying your bobby pin to do much

You really don’t need to bind your hair using a single bobby pin. If you want your hair to remain intact for a longer period, try making sections of your hair and tie them as you want. It will definitely make your hair stay for a longer period preventing your hair to come out from sections.

Hopefully, you will avoid these mistakes being repeated. To know about your hair type and hair problems, read about shelf of haircare to remain aware of the mistakes you have been making your whole life.

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