Peptides for Weight Loss Fat Burn and Recovery

If you are a fitness freak who spends an hour or two in the gym regularly, then you must have heard of peptides. They are of various types, but unfortunately, only a few of them, like collagen and creatine, are known to the fitness community; the rest are primarily used in biological experiments.

Initially, some peptides may sound off-putting to you, but if we study them deeply, we will know they have a substantial impact on our physical and internal body health. Plus, if you want to drop some extra kilos, peptides will help you do so. Some peptides for weight loss include Tesamorelin (GHRH peptide), CJC-1295, Ipamorelin, etc. Not just do these peptides work as a performance enhancer in your body, but they will help you burn fat and build muscles. Most importantly, they are perfect for treating joint and muscle problems.

So here, we will be discussing different types of peptides and their working mechanisms and will also develop an understanding of peptides for weight loss and how they improve the immunity and the metabolism of the body.

What are peptides?

Peptides are mini proteins that are made up of amino acids. The only difference between peptides and proteins is that proteins are made of more than 50 amino acids while peptides contain less than 50 amino acids, and this is why peptides are easy to digest. To further explain this, peptides are tiny chains of amino acids and can be easily broken by an enzyme called a protease. As a result, collagen peptides are more easily digested by the body than collagen protein.

Our body contains natural peptides, which often work as hormones. They transmit information in the body from one tissue to another. Peptides and peptide supplements act as performance boosters and frequently mimic the body’s natural peptides.For example, these peptide supplements trigger growth hormones to promote fast muscle growth and fat loss.

The following are the various types of peptide supplements that help with losing weight and enhancing body performance.

Collagen Peptides for Hair, Skin, and Nails

The natural collagen of our body makes up nails, hair, skin, and bones. It is a protein that our body produces in abundance, though over time, as we age, its production gets slower, and, therefore, we face issues like weak nails and bones and hair loss.

The raw materials required by our bodies to produce collagen include hydroxyproline, glycerin, and proline. They are rarely found in muscle meat like chicken and beef fillets. However, you can get these precious amino acids through dietary collagen-like fish, egg whites, citrus fruits, etc. They are thought to be the best source for it.If you do not have enough collagen from natural sources, you can also opt for collagen supplements.

The collagen supplements in your body work as raw material suppliers for the production of natural body collagen. As a result, it makes your joints flexible, and your skin looks younger.

Since our body suffers from digesting collagen protein by itself, collagen supplements are used to deal with that. These supplements hydrolyze collagen protein into collagen peptides which then easier to digest in your stomach.

Be mindful while choosing collagen supplements. Always, always go for grass-fed collagen peptides sourced from organic cows.

Creatine Peptides for Body Shaping

Creatine is naturally found in the muscle cells of the body. It aids in the production of energy during heavy weight lifting or intense workouts, resulting in fat loss and muscle growth.

Those who frequently do heavy weight lifting might have experienced working out for 8 – 10 seconds. Their energy level drops, and lifting weight becomes more difficult. That condition in biology is called the anaerobic threshold. At this moment, all of your stored ATPs are entirely used up by the body.

Here comes the role of creatine supplements; it increases the ATP storage of your muscles and recharges them when your body is at rest. Taking creatine supplements buys you some extra moments of work before going slow, which means more fat burning.

Additionally, creatine fastens the protein synthesis process in the body and therefore builds 15% more muscles. Other than muscle building, it sharpens memory and cures physical and mental fatigue as well.

Typically, creatine requires a unique way of consumption. First, it needs a stocking up phase where you load yourself with it for a week and then return to take a regular dose. Symptoms associated with this phase include headaches, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. These are the most common symptoms and don’t last long. It can also be called adjusting the phase of your body as the body is trying to get used to it.

Moreover, creatine is high in bioavailability, so, you can reduce its intake for a few days to escape the symptoms.

Peptides for weight loss

Today, in the tough competition for health and fitness, peptides have become a fitness essential. It is a popular supplement to burn fat and build muscles, which athletes heavily consume. In addition, the National Institute of Health has recognized peptides as a treatment for obesity.

The peptides listed below have been found to be effective in increasing energy and losing weight.

Tesamorelin (GHRH Peptide)

Tesamorelin is a GHRH peptide that stands for Growth hormone – Releasing hormone. This peptide deals with the pituitary gland, which primarily deals with the body’s growth mechanisms and controls appetite and insulin interactions.

This peptide is prescribed to those who suffer from abnormal fat distribution in the body (lipodystrophy) as a side effect of some medications. However, health practitioners don’t specify this peptide for weight loss purposes.

CJC – 1295

The CJC – 1295 peptide is a modified form of growth hormone made up of 30 amino acids. Studies have shown that this peptide helps with weight loss, influences muscle growth, and stimulates cell regeneration in the body. In addition, it promotes deep sleep to improve your memory and foster growth.

Like any other peptide, dosage should be carefully administered; otherwise, it would reduce its overall effect on the body. One dose of this peptide raises the growth hormone level to 6 days, which is best for losing weight and improving immunity.


Ipamorelin is a GHRP and is new to the growth factor family. It is the 3rd generation GHRP and is also considered the cleanest one. Unlike other growth factor family compounds, such as GHRP – 2 and GHRP – 6, which need to be monitored after consumption because they trigger hunger and cause you to eat even more, ipamorelin has the opposite effect.

The main reason why many people switch to Ipamorelin is that it improves the body’s metabolism and has more minor side effects as compared to other compounds. It can also help you lose weight and burn excess body fat.

Dose it before going to bed to promote GH release overnight and avoid having carbs and fats after that to get the maximum effect.


Amlexanox is a compound primarily used to treat ulcers and inflammatory conditions. It is, however, well-known for its ability to suppress appetite.When this peptide combines with a fatty acid called TTA, it induces weight loss and increases the metabolism rate in the body. In addition to regulating hunger and promoting metabolism, it works as an immunity enhancer and antioxidant in the body.

BPC – 157

BPC – 157 is a relatively new peptide on which very little research has been done to date. It is known for its healing properties and is therefore often called a “healing peptide.” When this peptide was tested on rats, it was discovered that it had remarkable healing properties for torn ligaments, Achilles’ tendons, and even leaky guts.This peptide has so far been found to have no side effects.

Here’s a warning: if you’re a professional athlete, using this peptide can get you disqualified as it is a performance enhancer and is forbidden in most places.

How much time do peptides take to show results?

The results of peptides depend on various factors. Before starting with that, you must make sure that you’re taking peptides under your health practitioner’s supervision. To get effective results, the first thing you can do is to manage your diet. If you don’t know what you’re eating, it’s best if you cook it yourself.Indeed, you will get positive results from your peptide therapy, but it is no magic wand; it will take time to become visible.

The second important thing is to manage your hormone levels. If you successfully balance testosterone and thyroid levels, get 8 hours of sleep, and eat well, you will surely get fast results, especially if you’re on Tesamorelin. However, in the case of Ipamorelin, it will take 2 to 3 months to show significant results.

To get the best results, communicate with your doctor about your goals and get the suitable peptide for yourself to achieve them.

Side Effects of Using Peptides

There are no such side effects from using peptides in healthy people. They are similar to the ones that we have in our daily food. It is always best to have a second opinion and consult with a health practitioner to prevent any future consequences.

Peptides have been shown in medical studies to be non-carcinogenic, which means they are safe to use by healthy people. However, using peptides may not be an excellent idea for those with pre-existing health conditions as they could adversely react to their existing medications.

How to Buy Peptides?

You can purchase peptides either online or from a store, but make sure you pick the right one for yourself. Purity is an important factor to consider when selecting a peptide, as some manufacturers fail to adhere to the health guidelines established for peptide production.

In the United States, due to state restrictions, very few pharmacies have peptide supplements available in their stores. Also, the FDA is unable to regulate peptide supplements in the same way as they do with other medicines. So, it is better to stay cautious and always get it checked by your doctor for usage.

Conclusively, peptides have some fantastic health benefits, worth acknowledging than just weight loss. Their use can rewind your age to a couple of years by optimizing your skin, health, and the aging process. Learn new ways of using peptides so you can prevent yourself from potential health problems.

The best way to start any peptide therapy or hormonal optimization program is by consulting with a doctor first. Based on your blood sample results, they will evaluate your health condition for peptide therapy.

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