Pre-workout before Running A brief guide to keeping your body fit

Staying healthy and fit is important!

If you want to gain muscle, lose weight, feel amazing, look beautiful – maintaining your workout routine and continuous training is important. Some people prefer hitting the gym, opting for a pre-workout before running or a swimming session, while some prefer working out by watching online tutorials or doing home workouts.

Nevertheless, if you are getting started or are already following a routine, Cardio is an important part of the workout that must be presented in your daily routine. The best way to add it without taking on any hassle is to add a few miles of running and you will be good to go.

However, running takes up a lot of energy and you may feel drained out after a short run. To avoid this situation, add a pre-workout before running.

What is a pre-workout?

Pre-workout is a sports nutrition additive used for extreme workout plans. It assists your body with endurance, stamina, energy, motivation, and focus. It is rich in Beta-Alanine, BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids), creatine, and caffeine – all this may seem like a complete load of scientific gabble, but it all entails a motive:

  • Beta-Alanine – It improves your endurance and caters to your body to sustain intense workouts for a longer period.
  • Creatine – If you haven’t encountered this supplement earlier, then you must know that creatine is used to develop your stamina. It primarily helps in pumping up your muscles and assists you in lifting heavyweights.
  • Caffeine – this term must be quite familiar to most people, as it is present in our cans of pop and coffee. It is a dynamic stimulant that escalates energy and alertness. It can help you improve your physical performance when participating in sports and working out, as well as your mental performance.
  • BCAA’s are an abbreviation for Branch Chain Amino Acids. It consists of valine, isoleucine, and the amino acid leucine (once more, scientific gabble). It assists your body to digest protein. Likewise, it assists in preventing DOMS (Delayed-onset muscle soreness) as well.

Is it fine to opt for a pre-workout before cardio?

Pre-workout is primarily known as a weight-lifting supplement, and you will hear it less frequently in cardio areas.

Possibly, you may consider pre-workout routines only for the ones who are extremely strong or muscular, but that is not exactly the case.

Considering a pre-workout before you opt for cardio is an awesome idea. Definitely, it can be used before cardio training or running sessions. Its purpose is to impart endurance to your muscles. Not just through assisting your gains, it can be specifically amazing for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

Is it healthy to take a pre-workout supplement?

Well, if you normally read about it, then it sounds pretty fine – pop that, drink this, and whatnot. However, it shows effective results as well. But the most crucial thing to be familiar with about pre-workout supplements is that they are not FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulated. This shows that there is no third party or higher power checking what they are adding to their formulas and labels before they are placed on store shelves.

Therefore, it is vital to be considerate and extra picky when it comes to buying any supplement for yourself. Be smart, check the brand thoroughly, and read the labels. It is quite important to know whether you are choosing the right supplement or not. Moreover, certain brands are fearlessly showcasing their products on the market, claiming they are beneficial, but in reality, they aren’t even proven or documented. So, keep yourself informed before you opt for any pre-workout supplements.

So, what is the pre-workout experience in reality?

If we consider people’s experiences with pre-workout before running, we can conclude that it is not the most pleasurable experience.

Many individuals have said that a pre-workout with MyPre Blue Raspberry tastes just like a slush puppy that hasn’t been slushed. Well, it is not certainly an exceptional drink, but it is endurable. It’s not as bad as most people think.

We did proper work on our research and understood that doing it 20 to 40 min before initiating the workout is the most suitable timing for it to be done just when you require it. So make sure you drink the pre-workout flavor powder – Blue Raspberry, with approximately 400ml of water.

If you are a beginner, we will recommend you go for only 1 scoop to obtain the needed effects, but daily users may need even more.

The workout

We guarantee that you will find yourself in excellent shape. We usually set the speed to 7.5kmph and then brawl in monotony for about 10 minutes.But you need to keep yourself motivated, and with time, you should switch to an even greater speed. For example, if you start at 7.5kmph, try shifting to 8.5kmph. Try running at this speed for a longer period of time every day.With time, you will feel alive, motivated, and focused during the workouts.

You can cool down yourself by jogging uphill. And this is something you should definitely give a try.

The consequences and results

As soon as you step off the treadmill, you will notice that all of your stamina has vanished.You won’t know whether it’s from the workout, the aftereffects, or simple dehydration.Nevertheless, it shouldn’t stop you from making use of it again to amplify your workouts for cardio.

Is it going to be beneficial?

As long as you understand what a pre-workout before running is, our recommendations, and how it tastes, now is the time to make your decision.The only way to find out if a pre-workout is right for you and your goals is to give it a shot on your own.MyProtein’s MyPre is a fantastic workout to start with, in our opinion.

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