Reverse grip bench press needs proper finesse

One of the favorite body parts or muscles which humans try to grow is the chest. Well, it won’t be possible for you to have your chest in shape without involving a reverse grip bench press in your workout routine.

Typically, this exercise seems to be quite straightforward; however, you shouldn’t underestimate its importance. Moreover, it might take you some good time to perfect your position while you do reverse grip bench press.

The traditional bench press is undoubtedly a favorite exercise of every bodybuilder. Nevertheless, people have started to experiment with multiple new exercises which can benefit their bodies. One of them which has gained massive attention and grabbed the limelight is the ‘reverse grip bench press.

This article will highlight the massive and undoubted importance of reverse grip bench press, how to execute with perfection and what are its benefits.

Who do we recommend to perform this exercise?

If you wish to improve the muscle group or want to activate that specific muscle, the reverse grip bench press will be a great deal for you. If you are a physique athlete or a new bodybuilder, we would recommend this exercise to you.

However, people who have been in powerlifting and excessive bodybuilding should perform their regular bench press instead of switching to reverse grip bench press. Besides, if they are in the phase of improving the injured component of their body or want to de-load the excessive pressure, they can surely try out this exercise.

What is the difference between regular bench press v/s reverse grip bench press?

One of the major changes is in the position of the arms. In the reverse grip bench press lifter changes its grip towards the opposite direction. Moreover, he/she tries to wrap their fingers underneath the bar. Well, the grip is the significant difference that distinguishes the reverse grip bench press from the regular bench press.

However, if you are willing to perform this exercise, you need to remember that you are making a tough choice. Unlike regular bench press, this exercise requires extensive use of multiple body parts to perform it cleanly and with finesse.

These are the body parts that will require more strength to perform reverse grip bench press;

  • Biceps, wrists, forearm
  • Better wrist mobility
  • Coordination and body awareness should be top-notched

Muscles affected by reverse grip bench press

Before you start doing any exercise, it is important to know the affected body parts. Otherwise, in some way you are wasting your sweat and efforts. The reverse grip bench press is considered more beneficial when compared to regular bench press as it affects more body parts.

Let’s see what body elements are forced to improve with this specific exercise;

  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Wrist extensor
  • Pectoralis minor and major both
  • Front deltoid

Execution process of reverse grip bench press

Instead of doing it in the wrong manner, you need to learn first how to perform this exercise correctly. Otherwise, your efforts will go in vain. The process of performing this exercise is explained in five simple steps. Let’s hope you follow them and do the exercise with ease;

  1. Firstly, lie on the bench with your chin up and make sure your back and face are fully supported. Another thing, that the feet are touching the ground completely.
  2. Make sure your palms are facing you. Hold the bar with a shoulder-width reverse grip. Your thumbs should be entirely wrapped around the bar.
  3. To make sure you are doing the exercise in a safe environment, try to have a supporter beside you. If the weight is too much to handle, the supporter will help you in that scenario.
  4. Keep your elbow on the side of your body and inhale deeply once you bring the barbell close to your chest.
  5. After you bring the barbell down to your chest, take a pause, and then lift the barbell in a controlled motion. Don’t do the process in a hurry; otherwise, it won’t be effective.

What are the benefits of reverse grip bench press?

Every exercise has its benefits until they are being performed in the right fashion. The reverse grip bench press can prove to be quite effective for the chest and shoulder but make sure that you are being disciplined. According to experts, you shouldn’t try this exercise, until and unless you’re comfortable with the regular bench press.

It can develop good strength in the upper body

If you wish to develop upper body strength, a reverse grip bench press is the perfect choice for you. Instead of wasting time on other exercises, divert your attention to this ideal one.

Every gym person has been introduced to the regular bench press; however, if you do it in a reverse manner with some excessive weight, trust us, the gains would be different.

Can bring in variety in your body workout

Instead of doing the regular bench press, try to inculcate some variety in your training regime. This would help your body to adapt to various styles of different or multiple exercises.

Moreover, it would help you psychologically as well. Your workout won’t look monotonous to you and you will exercise with more freedom.

Can be used during a de-load

Sometimes, we are unable to perform the final set of the bench press exercise. In case, you come across this situation, you can just try reverse grip bench press and lessen up the weight.

This way you will save yourself from any crucial injury and a reverse grip bench press will serve as a great alternative exercise for your body.


Bringing in variations in the training regime can make you enjoy your workout. Instead of making the workout rigid, try to play around with different kinds of exercises to keep yourself motivated. The reverse grip bench press will help you explore more and will keep your body maintained.

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