Scrambled eggs calories are sufficient enough or not?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that eggs or scrambled eggs are part of everyone’s breakfast. According to experts, breakfast is incomplete without this protein being part of it.

However, in the 1970s the American Heart Association declared strong guidelines against the consumption of eggs by humans. According to their research, each serving of eggs increases cholesterol by 300 mg per day. Well, that cannot be ignored. They believe that humans should switch their intake of protein to chicken as it is contributing less to cholesterol.

Numerous studies were done on the intake of eggs and all of them concluded that the risk of cholesterol can lead to severe heart diseases.

This article will highlight the reality of scrambled eggs calories, what is the right proportion for the intake of eggs, and is harmful, or is it just a rumor.

What are the actual scrambled eggs calories?

Due to studies and articles posted by the American Heart Association (AHA), people have started to look at eggs with fear. Even if they want to enjoy it, they tend to ignore their cravings while keeping the risk of cholesterol attached to it.

However, famous chefs have developed multiple ways of consuming eggs and one of the recipes is scrambled eggs. Experts consume one whole egg with several egg whites which keeps their cholesterol in place and intact and even the calories are balanced.

Specialists believe that a scrambled egg has approximately 150 calories in it.

Are eggs harmful or deadly for your health?

According to experts, if you consume anything excessively it would harm you. Whatever food intakes you have, try to keep them balanced and the same goes for eggs.

Specialists suggest that you should try to limit the consumption of eggs to one per day. However, if you are into bodybuilding and wish to consume more eggs, you can do it; it won’t be harmful to you.

Just like other food items, eggs should be part of your diet plan to keep you fit and healthy. However, consuming it moderately is what is suggested by every professional doctor. You should be highly careful with the amounts of calories you are consuming every day.

To keep your diet balanced, professionals suggest that you should avoid taking animal products in larger quantities including dairy products, and meat as well.

Benefits of eggs

Instead of completely erasing it from your diet plan, make use of it. Yes, excessive consumption of it can prove to be harmful to you; otherwise, the benefits of it cannot be ignored. Let’s discuss the advantages of including eggs in your everyday diet.

  • Good source of calcium and Vitamin D

People are afraid of a disease named osteoporosis which tends to happen due to a lack of calcium and vitamin D in your body and bones. However, if you are consuming eggs in the right quantity, it would strengthen your bones and keep you safe from this dreadful disease.

  • Cheap protein

Instead of investing money in inexpensive means of protein such as red meat and other protein bars; you can get your hands on the inexpensive and good source of protein which is eggs.

One egg approximately possesses 87 calories and 6.7g of protein. Isn’t it good? Moreover, people who are vegetarian but are diet conscious can also use eggs as their protein.

  • A good supply of oxygen

Asthma patients and people who find trouble while breathing can consume eggs in the right quantities. There is a sufficient amount of iron included in an egg which helps you prevent low levels of oxygen.


Instead of blaming eggs for the rising blood pressure and cholesterol, try to use them for your benefit. You can consume eggs in multiple ways and make sure that your body is having enough protein, vitamins, and calcium

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