Find out the best beef jerky to treat your taste buds

We as a collective human society might never get over beef jerky and its ability to be the perfect add-on in meals. If you think you are, you just need to find another variant that you might prefer now. And there are many now. As our taste buds have evolved, so have the various flavors that good jerky comes from. Instead of the best beef jerky, we have suggestions for the best jerky, made from all kinds of things, edible, of course.

This evolution of jerky has come both in form of its flavors and what it’s made from. There’s now a sweet, tangy, and spicy version of jerky too. In terms of what it is made of, the list goes from all kinds of meat to vegetables such as mushrooms, beans, peas among others. The snack food has been experimented with so that all of us can have the version we prefer most. Above all, changes and variations focus on how healthy a piece of jerky is. Now, this is a matter of consuming the processed meat in moderation but there’s another important factor to consider.

If you are looking at beef jerky, it is much healthier if it’s grass-fed. By focusing on what feed the cattle is raised on, you can determine the health effects of your beef jerky. There are still arguments regarding this, but there is a greater chance the nutrients you consume through your jerky are affected by what feed the cattle had. Onto our top suggestions, and reasons why we picked these out of the gazillions of other brands and sellers. Let’s get started.

Brooklyn Biltong Traditional South African Biltong

Biltong is a type of dried meat that many people consume as an alternative to jerky. It is a South African style traditional Biltong, made with marinated meat that’s been air-dried. The ingredient list in this is highly controlled, with no added sugar or natural nitrates for that matter. The ingredient list makes it one of the highest protein-packed options on this list. This is why it is preferred by many people who are on specific diets where you need to watch your nutrients carefully. It’s a great, simple yet healthy option for you, that tastes just as great as any other highly flavored jerky.

Chef’s Cut – Flavourful

Chef’s cut is an option that we like to put forward due to its accessibility both in stores and online. They include different ingredients to make it highly flavourful, something that many consumers prefer. They also have a large variety of meats in their jerky, so if you are picky about that, they have several options. They avoid artificial flavors in their recipes, and most of the ingredients are real and natural. They are slightly on the expensively priced side, but the flavor is worth it if you find it to your liking.

Country Archer Original Beef Jerky – Organic

If the packaging on this one does not tell you enough about it, this is an entirely organic type of jerky in its original form, i.e. the best beef jerky. It is most praised among the locally sourced and made brands and rightly so because it uses the meat of the castles that are grass-fed. The organically used ingredients then add to the flavor and nutritional value of the meat.

It does not include any artificial ingredients that might hinder the quality. They mainly have their most liked beef jerky, but there are seven flavors it comes in, and two additional flavors in turkey meat. The meat is soft and chewy enough to satisfy your taste buds complimenting the flavor packed into it. If you are looking for a healthy option in the classic jerky flavor and meat, i.e. the beef, this one is it. You can also get meat sticks from them if you want to switch it up from jerky for a while. They are perfect for portable snacks, or to use in recipes that require meat as an aside.

Jack Links Zero Sugar Original Beef Jerky – Zero Sugar

Another local brand that makes premium Beef Jerky is Jack Links, without any artificial ingredients that might cause you harm. Granted, jerky is to be consumed moderately to ensure you keep your diet balanced in nutrients, but even while you are moderately consuming it, it can be harmful if the manufacturing is not done appropriately. This one however sources its beef carefully, does not include nitrates and other artificial ingredients in its recipe. It’s your perfect protein snack source.

Buffalo Bob’s – Exotic Meat

If you are looking to be adventurous with your food, particularly jerky, Buffalo Bob’s is where you go. They do several exotic meat jerky that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Despite the unique meats used, they are not highly priced. The only difference with regular jerky is that it is made in the form of pepperoni sausage. They have complimentary seasonings for the meats they offer and several different variants in which you can buy them.

Bonus – LOLJerky

We did not want to deprive true jerky fanatics, therefore, the last bonus suggestion. LOLJerky is a subscription box of – you guessed it –  jerky. Completely locally sourced and manufactured, the brand offers various bundles you can choose from. All you have to do is place an order and it will reach you without any hurdles. It a true dream for people who like jerky a bit too much.

These were all our suggestions for the best beef jerky, plus a few options for other kinds of meats and their dried forms. Try them if you find any of them enticing enough, most of them are available for online delivery.

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