Your time to shine Here are some of the best tours for seniors in the USA

Our society has been far too limited in the scope of opportunities for seniors. From outdoor activities to indoor parties, nothing has been short of blank space for the elderly. The feeling of missing out on some of life’s greatest adventures is indescribable. But who said seniors have to be bound by the limitations set by society?

Being a senior should not deprive you of the opportunity to live a little more and smile a little brighter. There’s still so much you can do with your life. Thus, if you are an elderly person, looking to take a trip down the youth lane, here are some of the best tours for seniors in the USA.

All of these tours are budget-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about putting a dent in your wallet.  Without further ado, presenting you a list of our top tours for seniors in the USA.

Adventures Abroad

Offering a trip to almost every continent on the glove, Adventures Abroad specifically caters to travelers above the age of 50. They describe their ideal clients to be “curious and well-traveled,” a status that most seniors would have achieved by the ’50s.


The trips organized by Adventures Abroad are termed “soft adventure” trips, which primarily focus on the culture and rich history of the place visited. Since these trips are organized for the people of the older age club, there are no physically tiring activities. However, a certain amount of fitness and stamina is required to walk during the trip.

Firebird Tours

A company that was started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Firebird Tours has expanded massively to several countries including Malta, Switzerland, and Australia. This company can provide one of the best tours for seniors in the USA as it offers an array of different tours, each having its theme.


The themes of the tours will vary depending on the group and their preferences, but some of the most common ones include history, architecture, gastronomy, opera, theater, and film.

With a special focus on clients who are aged 50 or older, Firebird Tours takes guests to a myriad of different destinations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Morocco, South Africa, and North America. These tours are designed to keep seniors in mind and hence, the comfort and quality level is of another kind altogether.

Kensington Tours

By putting a special focus on client’s preferences, Kensington Tours stands as one of the best tour providers in the state. They hold special expertise in over 100 destinations across the globe and thus, the planning and execution of a trip are easy.


The best part about Kensington Tours is that it offers an enriching traveling experience at all times. Whether it is taking in the rich culture or indulging in the delicacies of the town, your time with Kensington Tours will be beyond beautiful.

Although these arrangements are primarily made for seniors who value comfort and ease, the company also offers a unique experience for the younger generation. By organizing trips to Italy, Costa Rica and Iceland cater to groups that have a mix of the younger and older generation.

Intrepid Travel

One of the leading tour companies, Intrepid Travel offers several different customized trips for the older generation. Well organized and possess great attention to detail, the company provides its customers with ready-made itineraries that can be curated according to the group’s preference.


If you are a senior who fears reading up on information alone, choose Intrepid Travel. This is mainly because the company offers destination specialists who provide valuable insight into transportation, accommodation, activities, and tours.

Additionally, Intrepid also offers “Accessible Tours”, which makes travel widely available to everyone. By providing them the most ideal of itineraries as well as providing the option to customize trips, Intrepid Travel is a viable option for seniors.


As the name suggests, Eldertreks is a company that offers trekking-related adventures for people aged 50 and over. With their main focus on catering to elders, they offer a range of different trips to 100 countries and more.


These trips may have a vast range of activities but are likely to include visits to wildlife safaris, cultural trips, and unique excursions. This may sound intimidating for a senior, but there is absolutely no reason to worry as Eldertreks has got you covered.

All of these tours are ranked on a level that spans from one (easy) to five (difficult). These ranks are based on assessing the variations in capabilities and preferences. Hence, if a senior does want to take the trip, don’t fear Eldertreks. They will ensure that the activities you actively participate in don’t cause harm to you in any way.

Final Thoughts

Highlighted above are some of the best tours for seniors in the USA. Depending on your preference and interests, you can pick the tour of your choice and experience an adventure of a lifetime. Whether you prefer to witness the rich culture of the destination or indulge in the exotic beauty of nature, take up this opportunity to have a journey of your own. We are sure you’d love it!

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