Chinese food in the US –  Triple delight Chinese food gaining popularity among Americans

There is no doubt in saying that Chinese food is considered the most popular ethnic cuisine around the United States of America. Christmas is a festival for everyone and masses celebrate it by distributing presents to their loved ones. Do you know what Jewish people do? Jewish families celebrate this festival by eating Chinese food with their loved ones.

Among various Chinese dishes, one of the top-notch cuisines is the triple delight Chinese food. Due to the multiple benefits of this dish, many Americans are motivated towards it. A Chinese professor once visited the United States and he was stunned to see so many Chinese restaurants operating in the main cities.

Moreover, Chen was astonished to see the dishes that were being consumed by the American people. Humans weren’t embracing the bird’s nest or shark fins but were quite comfortable while eating the basic cuisines such as – chop suey and chow mein. Well, triple delight Chinese food was part of those dishes as well.

How has Chinese food become so popular in the United States?

When the Chinese arrived in America more than a century ago, their cooking was despised as ‘smelly’ and was pointed out for using questionable ingredients in it. However, now we imagine how it has become so popular as the most ethnic food in America. It has been a long journey and adaptation of the Chinese culture in the United States.

Chinese immigrants were serving as laborers in multiple houses of America, and they opted for the role of chef. Nevertheless, they were never found cooking Chinese but American food and were quite excellent in it.

How did Chinese food take over?

Many American people used to visit China to enjoy their holidays and this is when they discovered that Chinese food is better than multiple European cuisines. Chinese people saw an opportunity to set up their restaurants in the United States. People of America were demotivated to cook for themselves as it was an exhausting procedure. This was the reason they started loving and appreciating the Chinese culture and their dishes.

Triple delight Chinese food – a new addition to the cuisines

Other than chop suey and chow mein, Chinese restaurants realized that Americans are searching for new dishes and tastes. Most importantly, if they would lack at it, the attention of the Americans would be diverted again towards the European cuisines.

Moreover, Chinese chefs knew how careful the Americans are with their diet plans and this is the reason why they launched and added triple delight Chinese food in their menus. The spark of healthiness and taste made it a choice for many.

According to experts, people who are diet conscious will be motivated to opt for this diet. It contains only 13g of carbs, 19g of protein, and only 7g of fat. Isn’t it cool? You can have delicious cuisine without worrying about putting on weight.

Moreover, you would not have to worry about burning calories. Relatively it would take less time and effort to burn the calories you have consumed after eating the triple delight Chinese food.


Chinese food has now become a mainstream go-to option for food lovers not only in the US but globally as well. If you are also one of the Chinese food lovers and are looking for something new to have, triple delight Chinese food is surely going to bring a splash of deliciousness to your taste buds with a fresh and new flavor.

The best part about the dish is that everyone can have it. Even if you are diet conscious, you don’t have to worry about the calories because this dish is nothing less than a healthy and appetizing main course.

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