What are Healthy Alternatives to Social Media?

When was the last time you had communicated with your loved ones? You hardly remember. Thanks to the negative effects of social media on communication skills.

Today, people don’t have time to talk to each other. This is the biggest negative impact that social media has had on our communication skills.

Even a 3-year old kid knows how to use social media via smartphones. There are situations where you would want to talk to your child, but he does not listen. He does not pay attention to what you want to communicate. This is how the negative effects of social media on communication skills have transformed our relationships.

Healthy Alternatives to counter the Negative Effects of Social Media on Communication Skills

Remember that there is life outside of social media, which is known as your personal life.

Certainly, the importance of social media in our daily lives cannot be ignored, but we should keep a balance. There’s a saying that excess of everything is bad and the same is the case with social media usage. It’s addictive for starters. Moreover, you should also not let social media consume you to such an extent that the negative effects of social media on your communication skills become permanent, and also social media can affect your mental health. You need to understand that there’s more to the world than social media.

There are many activities – other than social media – that you can indulge in, and pass your time like never before.

Book Reading

When was the last time you read a book? Probably when you were a student, right?

If you want to indulge yourself in healthier activities other than social media, book reading is your go-to option. It is a healthy alternative to social media. Remember readers are leaders.

Spare some time to read books. You can read any book of your choice. Developing a reading habit helps you to get more information about the subject. This habit also helps you to manage your time accordingly.


Traveling provides you with an opportunity to escape yourself from your demanding daily routine. It’s also a great alternative to using social media.

While traveling, you come across people from different nationalities, and have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with them. You can consume many varieties of food available in places that you explore.

Traveling also liberates you and helps you assess and identify yourself. If you have budgetary constraints and can’t travel to a different country, then try to go to a different state or city. Go on a road trip or take public transport but do consider traveling and cut yourself from the social media.


Regular exercise helps you regain fitness and makes you smart. It also helps improve your brain’s functions. Exercise can be a healthy alternative to social media. Start with less-exhaustive exercise and continue to upgrade your health with strength training, cardio exercise, and high intensity workouts as the time passes.


As mentioned earlier, there are many alternatives to social media. All you need to do is to manage your time smartly, enable yourself to focus on the beautiful life outside the social media world.

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