What are your hobbies and interests: Why it is important to have at least one hobby?

During the job interview, every one of us might have heard this question: what are your hobbies and interest?

A hobby is defined as regular activity that you engage yourself in, during your spare time, for the sake of enjoyment. It gives you immense pleasure when you spend your time doing things that you enjoy, which is not linked to your work or any other commitment. That’s why it is important to have at least one hobby.

So if someone would ask, what are your hobbies and interest, what would be your answer?

If you’re still struggling to tickle your brain and in finding anything that you admire the most, then you should check out some of the recreational and fun-loving activities that you would like to add to your daily routine.

Stress reliever

To pursue your stress-relieving hobbies, you must take out time and find something so indulging that you forget the life outside it.

For instance, many people like to go fishing, as it gives them an opportunity to enjoy and de-stress at the same time.

Fishing is a great hobby to adopt. Visiting the sea side, and catching the fish, will provide you the much-needed time to relax, enjoy and find the inner peace.

Allows you to bring out your inner challenges

Learn to take your chances and accept the challenges. Your hobby can help you adopt to any situation, you might face during your lifetime. For example, you love to play football, but never had a chance to play the game, due to your inner shyness. Once you experience the real atmosphere, and what a proud feeling it is to play the game – will surely lead you to take up the game as your hobby.

Can be a source of income

You can transform your hobby into your career, and make some extra bucks. It is true. For instance, you love gardening, and you spend hours to look after the plants you have grown at your place. If you want to turn your hobby into a professional career, you can offer your gardening services to any organization, and get an order for providing your plants for the office space. Now, you can charge that organization for the plants that you will provide, thereby you manage to open up an extra income source for yourself.  

Stops you from creating bad habits

A hobby helps you get over your boredom with ease.

When people have extra time and do not have any particular interest, then they often indulge themselves in drinking, smoking, drug dealing, gambling, etc. There’s a popular saying, “An idle brain is the devil’s workshop” that exactly suits the scenario mentioned.

Having good interests and hobbies, you can not only pass your spare time productively, but also you find a lot of satisfaction by doing what you love the most.

If you have spare time, it is better to indulge yourself in activities that help boost your self-confidence and a positive feeling.

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