What Colours go with Hot Pink?

For most of us, the color pink evokes the notion of femininity, sensitivity, romance, and sweetness. Figuring out what color matches with what is hard to decide when you have to choose from a wide collection of bright-colored clothes or curtains.

As far as different colors are concerned, not every hue sets with the other gradient. It should match the whole décor of your room, your painting, your outfit, and everything that revolves around it.

The question is: what color goes with hot pink? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Read this article in full to know about the color combination that goes perfectly with hot pink. But first, let’s learn a few things about color combinations.

Wheel of Color Combinations

Every color combination has a different overall effect. But when you are finding it hard to select a color combination that matches pink, we advise you to start your hunt with a color wheel that contains lighter to darker color combination shades. As you move through the wheel, you may come to realize how analogous colors are linked to each other.

If you are fond of using complementary color shades, then know that they are quite high in contrast. But don’t you worry much because just tweaking a few shades and matching the opposite sides of the palette you can come up with plenty of surprises.

Colors that match with Hot Pink

Let’s check out the eight best colors that match hot pink.

Pink and Blue


The pink and blue match well together, not just because they are complementary colors, but they are quite opposite to each other. We know that the color pink resonates very well with girls, and Blue is meant to be a favorite amongst boys. So, putting them together creates a perfect match.

If you want to decorate your room, you can opt for a combination of blue and pink. You can play with different shades.

Green and Pink


Green and pink always look startling just like black and white – opposite but made for each other. Since outdoor celebrations are getting more popular these days, green and pink turn out great in sunlight photography. Pink just enhances the look of matte green leaves and grass, thus giving you a stunning look that you may have never imagined.

Grey and Pink


The color grey matches well with many colors including Pink. If you’re looking to give your room a sophisticated and elegant look, you can opt for some lighter shades of Pink with Grey to give an elegant look to your living room.

Hot Pink with Bright Yellow


Yellow and Pink make a perfect match together. Take flowers like camellia, Azalea, Allium, Begonias, etc., and use them to your advantage by decorating your room or garden.

If you’re not one of those who settles for the lighter shades when it comes to photography or outfit, you can try out other shades with higher contrast. The color combination may look feminine. Remember when Venus William’s Versace gown that she wore at the Met Gala back in 2019 with bright yellow and sheer pink butterflies on it.

Black and Pink


You can don a black dress and complement it with light pink accessories. Try experimenting the lighter shades of pink like baby pink with eye-catching black. You may wonder why you didn’t choose those colors for your office before. Still confused, just look at a calm background.

Pink and Aqua Blue


Aqua blue with pink is one of the best color combinations you can opt for, this summer, especially at the beach. It’s time to flaunt your style statement with a pink and aqua blue dress. Moreover, if you want to give your living room a revamp, consider using pink and aqua blue curtains or pillow covers. Check out these ideas for a better view of your artistry power.

Pink and Orange


Orange and pink traditionally depict warmth, a positive mood, and celebrations. This color combination suits young girls who are fun-loving and energetic. Just for a change, this time around, try adding dark shades of green or red. Check out these images to get an idea about the perfect color combination.

Pink and Purple

Pink and purple are another perfect color combination for young girls. These colors can be used in some darker or tinted shades to make a strong fashion statement. If you want to give your room a cool revamp, you can opt for a combination of pink and purple. Check out these ideas to have a good view.

Homeowners, event planners, and photographers tend to prefer using hot pink when it comes to creating vibrant, bold, and energetic moods. Next time when you opt to play with hot pink, try these color combos to your advantage.

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