Top 5 Online Stores for Beef Jerky

If you’re a huge lover of beef jerky, prospects are you’re dissatisfied with the generic, expensive jerky found in the majority of grocery shops and petrol stations. Jerky should have a salt content of fewer than 400mg and sugar content of less than 5g and be prepared with hormone-free, grass-fed or organic beef. If you’re searching for beef jerky that’s low in salt, MSG, and some other unpronounceable substances, you might have to place an online purchase.

Today, we’re compiling recommendations of five of the best online cheap beef jerky vendors in the United States of America. They’re producing incredible jerky that tastes like meat and is also nutritious and more tempting than the junk you get anywhere else. Let’s take a look at what some of these candidates have to offer:

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks is a well-known mail-order steak service that has grown to include almost every kind of foodstuff imaginable. They have existed since 1917.

You can purchase whatever you require for a scrumptious feast on their site, such as wine, spices, sids, meat. and also dessert. Additionally, they sell delectable jerky produced from Omaha sirloin steak. They provide beef jerky, steak bites, and beef sticks in a variety of delectable flavours, including jalapeno, peppercorn, hot & spicy, and teriyaki.

If you’re not interested in ordering directly from Omaha Steaks, they now offer several of their beef jerky on Amazon.


  • It’s simple to purchase in quantity. They sell two 4.6oz packets for $9.99 or a single box for $6.99.
  • By making a purchase on their site, you may earn Steaklover Rewards that can be redeemed for more jerky.


  • According to several reviews, their jerky was very rough and chewy.
  • Despite the fact that their jerky has no chemical components, it is very rich in salt – 510mg per serve.

Buffalo Bobs

If you’re sick of plain old beef jerky, then know that Buffalo Bobs provides cheap beef jerky prepared with a variety of unusual meats. Rather than being cut into strips, each piece of meat is prepared into a kind of pepperoni sausage.

Their jerky is available in various packs — which provide a decent bulk discount — or by the stick. They make an effort to match each kind of meat with complementing spices, such as Elk Hickory and Alligator Cajun. For instance, their Ultimate Everything Exotic Jerky Gift Set includes 27 pieces of jerky made from ostrich, alligator, elk and kangaroo meat.


  • They sell an enormous range of various cuts of meat.
  • Price-wise, it’s quite appropriate. Individual sticks, for example, cost $1.99 apiece.


  • According to reviewers, several of their tastes were boring and lacked meaty flavour.
  • They only provide jerky that is pepperoni sausage style jerky, which crumbles rather than providing a satisfying chew.

Golden Valley

If you’re looking for high-quality ingredients and healthy jerky, Golden Valley Natural is a brand that provides a wide variety of jerky items. Their main emphasis is on buffalo, turkey, beef, and pig jerky, which they produce in-house under many various brands.

Meliora Organic produces traditional beef jerky using pasture-raised, organic beef that is free of antibiotics and hormones. A great option for high protein is Hero Jerky that benefits local military personnel and their families. Ascend uses organic ingredients as well but differentiates itself with complex tastes such as Orange Peel Pepper Beef and Thanksgiving Turkey.


  • Golden Valley provides a variety of flavour choices via their several in-house brands, all at a reasonable pricing range of about $6.99 to $8.99 per 85g bag.
  • They sell unique wild game jerky prepared with buffo and bison meat.


  • Their plethora of in-house brands makes it difficult to distinguish between individual products.
  • According to several reviewers, there was little distinction between the various taste characteristics.

Chef’s Cut

Chef’s Cut jerky is offered in both retail and online locations. They sell both traditional beef jerky and the one made with bacon, pork, chicken, and turkey. Additionally, they provide pepperoni sticks, tiny sticks, and sampling packages with a range of tastes and meats. Korean Barbecue is its latest taste. Their traditional beef jerky has just 340mg sodium per meal and is made with all-natural ingredients such as ground spices, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce.

A 7oz pouch costs about $15), but the big discounts come when you sign up for monthly delivery. Indeed, a monthly membership may save you up to 15%.


  • Chef’s Cut jerky is very tender and maintains a great deal of flavour from the seasoning additives.
  • They provide slimmer alternatives such as chicken and turkey.


  • They appear to want you to purchase in quantity since it’s difficult to locate smaller pouches that aren’t multi-packs.
  • Their multi-packs are unquestionably pricey. For instance, a sample box of eight is $55.95.

B.U.L.K Beef Jerky

B.U.L.K Beef Jerky is a popular one-stop store for foodstuff. Not only do they provide a variety of tastes, but they also classify their jerky by style and by cut (brisket or sirloin). This ensures that both lovers of delicate, soft jerky and those who like crispy and dry jerky will be fully pleased. Additionally, they sell wild jerky, kippered beef jerky, meat sticks, as well as a nice variety of dried fruit and nuts.

Their pricing is accurate. A 3 oz package of Classic Beef Jerky cost $8 and had the lowest salt content we found – just 260mg per meal!


  • There is a tremendous deal of choice at a reasonable price.
  • They even offer a keto section with items designed especially for this diet.


  • Several of their wild jerkies are priced accordingly. For instance, a box of 3 oz of Ahi Tuna jerky cost $16.
  • They do not describe their tastes in-depth, leaving you to speculate on how they will taste.

Whichever cheap beef jerky store you choose, you cannot go mistaken with either of these selections. They all received good reviews and were dedicated to providing the finest goods possible to their grateful consumers.

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