What is White American Cheese and How is it different from Orange American Cheese?

Americans can’t resist cheesy burgers and stringy cheese pizzas, and why should they? They are classic!!

But with a variety of fast-food brands and flavors, one can simply identify the change in flavor and the brand. Similarly, when it comes to white American cheese, anybody can say it’s not something like cheddar, gouda, or brie. So, what is white American cheese?

What is White American Cheese?

First thing first, it’s not a hundred percent cheese. According to the FDA, they call it a ‘pasteurized processed American cheese product’.

A food product has to be made from half or more cheese (milk curd) if it needs to be labeled as a cheese product. Whereas, white American cheese contains a lesser amount of curd which makes it a non-cheese product according to FDA standards.

But that doesn’t mean that white American cheese can’t be taken or called cheese. In some brands, you can also find Colby where the base of the cheese is the combination of emulsifying salts, whey, and milk protein that’s what makes it different from the flavor or traditional cheese. These additional ingredients enable a slice to melt when in contact with heat in foods without turning greasy or breaking into pieces giving it a perfect cheesy pull.

What is the difference between White and Orange American Cheese?

White American cheese is used in a variety of foods around the world and is famous among all kinds of cheese varieties. Though it is said to be the healthiest form of cheese that keeps your taste buds satiated whenever you have it in your food.

However, white American cheese costs more than any other kind of cheese, yet many businesses use it in everyday meals to have the ever-loving delicious taste. American white cheese is used in making many dips and it also tends to levitate the entire taste of many dishes as well.

This is why not every cheese has the same taste as American white cheese –nor every cheese is as popular as that of white American cheese.

Whereas, orange American cheese differs from the other kind of cheese due to its color. The dark orange color is the reason that makes it different from other kinds of cheese as normally cheeses are slightly yellow or white.

The change of color is brought by adding food dye to the cheese to give it a color that stands out. As compared to white cheese, it is much more affordable and in demand by the businesses that require cheese in bulk.

With the soft and smooth texture and great taste, orange American cheese has made its way to several dishes. It tastes much cheesier in pasta, macaroni, grilled cheese sandwiches and stands apart from other recipes.

Therefore, the main difference that can be mentioned here is the difference in color, price, and taste. Moreover, the process of production is also the reason behind the dissimilar texture of both kinds of cheese. However, both kinds of cheese are highly nutritious and rich in protein, calcium, vitamin A & B12.

What is a Perfect Substitute for White American Cheese?

White cheese is a versatile product in the dairy world. Still, you may want to replace it for one or many other reasons. Fortunately, we have carried out some amazingly healthy alternatives that you should try if you are seeking a white American cheese substitute.

The best alternatives for white American cheese can be:

  • Monterey Jack
  • Provolone
  • Oaxaca
  • Mozzarella
  • Fontina
  • White Cheddar
  • Havarti
  • Muenster Cheese

Monterey Jack Cheese

Monterey jack cheese is the best substitute for white cheese as it provides the perfect taste and soft texture that the white American cheese delivers.


Monterey Jack cheese is marbled with Colby, which also has a milder flavor and a yellowish color giving it a hybrid of both the cheeses that are often called Colby jack. The unison of both kinds of cheese delivers the perfect taste that can be easily substituted for a slice of white American cheese.

Provolone Cheese


If you are looking for a substitute that matches closest to the white American cheese, then Provolone is the one to select. Provolone has the right amount of flavor to enhance the taste of any dish like white cheese with its mild flavor.

It is commonly used in Philly Cheesesteaks, Sausages, sandwiches due to its suitable fat content and the perfect melting texture, which makes the cheese a stellar choice as an accurate substitute.

Oaxaca Cheese

Oaxaca cheese is primarily a variation of ‘Queso Blanco’ –  a Mexican cheese which means ‘white cheese’. The taste of Oaxacan cheese is often compared with the Monterey Jack cheese as they both are slightly hard and a perfect alternative for the American white cheese.



The widely used cheese that we commonly link with pizzas and pasta. Since it is mostly used in red sauce meals, Mozzarella can be a suitable substitute for white American cheese to deliver the same taste in recipes.

A slice of Mozzarella cheese provides only 20 g of fat, which can be easily adjusted in the dishes with a super creamy tempting cheesy taste.

Fontina Cheese

With almost 45% of fat content, Fontina can be an expensive substitute for white American cheese – but the cost of the product is worth it!

Fontina is a variation of white cheese and its fat content helps it to become creamy and super cheesy.

White Cheddar Cheese


If you need a gooey consistency with a rich taste, choose white cheddar cheese. To mimic the original taste of the dish (which needs white American Cheese) use a milder variation of white cheddar cheese.

Recipes that require milder cheese flavors include sauces, dips, and sandwiches.

Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese is not that much similar to the taste of the white cheese, but the texture of both cheeses is somewhere identical. The beauty of the Havarti cheese is that it melts in the form of ribbons and has a profile of unique flavor that is used in fondues frequently.

Havarti cheese tastes best when it is aged for three months. After this time, the cheese may lose the buttery smell and fluffy texture and becomes nutty and salty in flavor. To use it in place of American white cheese, use it when it is aged to 3 months.

Muenster Cheese


The most identifiable smooth textured orange bordered cheese is Muenster Cheese. Its lusciously smooth and buttery taste makes the cheese a perfect alternative for certain dishes.

Its texture often resembles the Brie version cheese as they also are super creamy and cheesy with immense deliverance of flavors.

In grilled cheese sandwiches, muenster cheese is a unique choice in place of American cheese where no one can beat the tang of hot cheese stringy sandwich.

Final Bite

Now you know the taste of white American cheese and what substitutes are best when you want to avoid it for any particular reason. We hope you enjoyed the article as much as we enjoyed writing it for you.

Next time when you need to get a cheaper alternative to white American cheese, think about the options mentioned above and try any one of them.

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